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  • TERI in association with AFD releases

    4 February 2011

    On the second day of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS 2011), the French Development Agency (AFD) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) released a book titled, Oceans - The New Frontier. The book is a part of the series, A Planet for Life an annual publication on sustainable development prepared under the scientific leadership of leading figures in this field.

    Mr. Pierre Jacquet, Executive Director (Strategy) and Chief Economist of AFD (French Development Agency), Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Director-General, TERI and Chairman Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Ms. Laurence Tubiana, Director of IDDRI have edited the book.

    Oceans - the New Frontier is a comprehensive book that have investigated the extent to which human community pushes the ocean's limits - and how the ocean frontier is constantly being redefined by new discoveries, technologies, national strategies and ecological imperatives. Unveiling the book, Mr. Pierre Jacquet comprehensively captured the essence of the book saying, 'Oceans play a major role in climate regulation, food production, industry, transportation, leisure, species conservation and technological innovation. Many social, economic, environmental, cultural and political aspects of contemporary life intersect with oceans, making them a "new frontier" for human endeavour'.

    'Oceans have really not been studied adequately such as for instance in respect of growing acidification and its impacts', said, Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Director-General. TERI. He added, 'The book "Oceans the New Frontier" highlights existing problems associated with oceans but also identifies new frontiers of knowledge which need to be crossed, for us to understand changes in these and implications for all species on this planet'.

    Humanity's increasing dependency on planets resources have extended to oceans as well and has blurred the boundaries between the mainland and oceans. This escalating reliance on earth's limited has its consequences too and oceans are seeing intense conflicts between actors and issues. The situation is crucial and the governance challenge huge which, the book draws attention to - the ability of global governance to regulate access to resources and services provided by the oceans so as to protect the ocean ecosystems. Divided into nine chapters, the book delves into the increasingly

    intense, diverse and complicated evolutions - in relationships between societies and the sea, and between the states that comprise the international community, during the twentieth century and in the first decade of the twenty - first.

    Oceans - The New Frontier will be marketed and distributed by TERI Press the publishing arm of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). It offers a range of publications and services in the areas of energy, environment, and sustainable development. Over the years, TERI Press has metamorphosed into a world class publisher of books, journals, and magazines, ranging from higher education and reference to popular and general interest books, as well as books for children.