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  • TERI’s Oilzapper cleans yet another oil spill site in Mumbai

    28 August 2010

    The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) today said that it has successfully concluded cleaning operations in the most difficult and coveted area of Mumbai- Navy Nagar, INS Kunjali. The clean-up operation took place with active co-operation of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Indian Navy and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

    Navy Nagar, INS Kunjali is a 500 metre stretch of oil-soaked sand and rocks. TERI has used its globally acclaimed Oilzapper technology to treat the spill. The clean-up started at 6:00 AM in the morning and concluded at 11:00 AM .

    The Indian Navy provided TERI with 110 navy sailors and Bharat Scout and Guide cadets for the clean-up drive. Around 1500 - 2000 kg of Oilzapper was used for the operation. The Bio-remidiation pit was located 200 metres away, at a substantial height above the high tide level.

    Oilzapper is a patented consortium of crude oil and oily sludge degrading bacteria derived from various naturally occurring and non-pathogenic bacterial cultures. Over a time frame of four months, these biological organisms eat up the contaminants (mostly organic compounds) convert them into carbon dioxide and clean up the surrounding area without any harmful residue or side-effects.

    According to Dr. Banwari Lal, Director, TERI: "After the successful clean-up of Awas Beach Alibaug, we are happy that MPCB has shown confidence in our technology and has given us an opportunity to help clear the worst affected sites of the oil spill. We started work at INS Kunjali and Navy Nagar and completed the clean-up operations at this stretch today. We cleaned the sandy beach and the rocks lining the coast. Since the area was very rocky, we made use of cotton waste to scrub the rocks, which was then dumped in the bio-remediation site. We are thankful to the Indian Navy for their cooperation and making the clean-up operation a success."

    He further said: "Technical experts from TERI will monitor the bio-remediation process for the next two months. Weekly samples will be taken and tested at TERI, MPCB and Indian Oil Corporation's laboratories to monitor the progress of the bio-remediation process."

    Senior scientist from TERI Mr. Ajoy Mandal, visited the Navy Nagar site prior to the clean-up operations on Saturday. Barring the mangroves , the officials conducted the same scale of operations that it did last time at the Awas beach in Alibaug.

    TERI, in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation cleaned the Awas Beach in Alibaug area, near Mumbai.