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  • Youth that "YEARN"s change can now do it better

    31 January 2005

    A unique platform for the Youth who wants to bring about change in the way they think and act was launched here today amidst the overwhelming participation by the high school and college students.

    The blog, christened as YEARN (Youth for Ethical Action and Respect for Nature) was introduced to a cross section of today's youth as the only platform for developing ethical action and respect to nature so that there are resources still available for the generations to come. The unique concept was developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Welcoming about 300 participants who had come from different schools and colleges of Delhi, Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI reminded them that such a conscious move has become mandatory for all of us as we have just one planet to live in. "The Youth today abound with ideas. And it is through these ideas you can bring about change for the better," he said.

    Speaking at the occasion, Ms Latha Vaidyanathan, Principal, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi said that human society needed to be more interactive and proactive to change the world into a better place. "You are our future and hope. When you decide to change yourself, you are compelling those around you also to change. And slowly, the change spreads beyond the society, beyond communities, beyond countries."

    Prof. A K Bhatnagar, Department of Botany, Delhi University (North Campus), stressed the need for the Youth to be more compassionate to Nature. "We owe our very existence to Nature and discarding its important is not a healthy sign," he said. He said that Delhi University would be open to similar initiatives like YEARN to sensitize the students in general about ecological issues.

    About 300 Undergraduate and High school students participated in this event. They said they were pledging their involvement and active efforts towards discussing issues pertinent to today's generation, such as Corruption, Gender bias, Drug abuse, Career opportunities, Family & relationships etc.