Project Profile

Project Title Comprehensive Village Development Plan (CVDP) for Matmora Gaon Panchayat, Lakhimpur District, Assam
Project Code 2017NA22
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date May 2017
Sponsor(s) State Institute of Panchayat & Rural Development
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Comprehensive Village Development Plans (CVDPs) is a holistic plan that would concentrate on planning for the development of villages and look into the aspect related to investment in community resources, natural resources, water management activities, small village infrastructure which would directly enhance the local livelihood activities, household level vital amenities that helps in improving social status, energy, sanitation, drinking water etc. The interventions to be undertaken through CVDPs would be aimed at saturating the available number of households for a given livelihood option so that it becomes a long term solution for livelihood of the communities in the villages.

The CVDPs will take care of locals needs and reflect the participatory spirit in planning the activities for management of community resources. It will be aligned as per the livelihood activities of SHGs or other working groups of the villages and will focus on development of common resources or infrastructure.

CVDP will encourage use of local knowledge as basis for planning and the plan will be prepared following a bottom-up approach in response to local needs as per the site conditions.

Effort will be given to address different vulnerable, low income groups, women etc.

The CVDPs will assess the condition and quality of resources and services available to the community.

The CVDPs will assess problems and constraints faced by the community in connection with the available services.

The CVDPs will assess the opportunities and strategies that can be adapted for overcoming the problems and enhancing the services.