Project Profile

Project Title Enhanced climate transparency in the G20 countries
Project Code 2016GW22
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date March 2017
Sponsor(s) Humboldt Viadrina
Division Earth Science & Climate Change

TERI is a partner with the Climate Transparency Initiative since 2017 - which is an open global consortium with a shared mission to stimulate a 'race to the top' in climate action through enhanced transparency in climate actions. The group envisions establishing a credible reference point for policy makers and influencers - a valuable resource for media for the benefit of enhanced climate ambition and action, and thereby seeks to support the shift of investments towards zero carbon technologies. Based on relevant data and evidence based analysis, the group is developing the third version of the Brown to Green Report, assessing climate action in G20 countries in the year 2017.

Brown to Green Report for Climate Transparency in G20 countries

TERI in its attempts to provide evidences to benefit enhanced climate ambition and action is working to develop and contribute to the Brown to Green Report 2017 which is an assessment across the G20 countries.

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