Project Profile

Project Title Development of microbial consortium capable of profile modification in water/modified water injection wells
Project Code 2015MB02
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date March 2015
Sponsor(s) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Most of the oilfields are subjected to extensive water flooding so as to improve the recovery factor of oil as secondary recovery option. Many fields reach an economic limit at high water cut because of increased cost of lifting large amount of fluids with only small amount of produced oil. In many cases, high permeability streaks contribute to much of the produced water. The bypassed oil remaining in the relatively lower permeability reservoir rock can be mobilized if the injected fluids are effectively diverted from high permeability streaks to the remaining areas of the reservoir. The profile control agent usually adopted for profile modification technology is either organic or inorganic compound that cost extensively and contains chemicals which are harmful to the environment. The main objective of this project is to explore new methods of profile modification in the industry.