Project Profile

Project Title Identification of elite mutants in Jatropha curcas using TILLING and Eco-TILLING
Project Code 2015BT05
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date May 2015
Sponsor(s) Department of Science and Technology
Division Biotechnology and Bioresources

The aim of this project is to build technical capabilities for the identification of elite accessions using SNP discovery techniques such as TILLING and Eco-TILLING. These will be applied to identify and characterize rare mutations in Jatropha curcas from an artificially mutagenized population as well as natural germplasm. The collaborating groups have developed excellent research material for mutant identification in Jatropha.

The overall goal of the project is to study genetic diversity and to discover SNPs/haplotypes by establishing a technical platform for TILLING and EcoTILLING, an inexpensive and efficient approach to SNP genotyping. This would involve the following:

Assessment of genetic diversity in Jatropha curcas and related species;

Detection of native and induced SNPs;

Assessment of SNPs diversity and their effect in gene functions.