Project Profile

Project Title Coping with Climate: Assessing Policies for Climate Change Adaptation and Transport Sector Mitigation in Indian Cities (CLIMATRANS)
Project Code 2014GW04
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date July 2014
Sponsor(s) The Research Council of Norway,Multi Client for INR currency
Division Earth Science & Climate Change

Assessing risk, uncertainty and irreversibility as inherent to the climate problem, the CLIMATRANS project will provide knowledge that makes it possible to improve institutional capacity in climate decision-making strategies. The project is interdisciplinary within the realm of social sciences (economics, political science, sociology, planning), and natural sciences (meteorology and civil engineering). It is also a collaboration between Norwegian (Institute of Transport Economics and Norway Meteorological Institute) and four Indian research institutes --- Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, TERI, Indian Institute of Science, School of Planning and Architecture. The main objectives of the project are: 1) Assess climate change and environmental impacts in urban areas in India related to the transport sector. 2) Develop mitigation and adaption strategies related to the transport sector in urban areas in India.

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