Project Profile

Project Title Collaborative research project to assess adverse health out comes of exposure to house hold level air pollutants in rural community
Project Code 2013EE05
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date June 2013
Sponsor(s) Ministry of Health

TERI and CINI (Child in Need Institute) would collaborate in this field-based project, and execute it in rural households of West Bengal. The study would provide interventions aimed at reducing household level air pollution in rural homes with pregnant women. The project would assess association of child health benefits in terms of pregnancy outcome and respiratory health in households with interventions versus those not receiving any interventions.
CINI would be responsible primarily for enrolling study participants and conducting health assessments as per study protocol. Various health parameters related to pregnancy outcome would be measured at different stages of fetal-growth. Maternal blood samples and cord blood would be analysed for pollution related markers. The newborn would be followed for up to two years to assess respiratory health status. TERI would provide interventions to reduce air pollution in the households. Several key air pollutants would be monitored at different stages of pregnancy in each household. Statistical analysis would be conducted to assess association between interventions and health effects.
The study results would evaluate whether reduction in air pollution could be considered as an intervention to improve child health outcomes.