Mentoring young minds on Climate Change

Workshop to introduce students and teachers to the perils of climate change
Capacity building workshop
Climate change is expected to impact developing countries severely as their economies are inextricably linked to the climate. Unfortunately, India is already facing multiple pressures due to its burgeoning population, haphazard urbanization, and rapid industrialization. The state of Goa, on the western coast of India, is highly vulnerable to the hazards posed by climate change. Recent reports have indicated how coasts are being exposed to increasing risks such as flooding and erosion due to sea-level rise. This will damage the state economy, which is largely driven by tourism. One of the key strategies to counter this impending challenge is to build awareness through outreach and capacity building. It is important not only to educate people about the issue and make them aware of the anticipated impacts, but also equip them with the knowledge and skills to deal with the same.

These events also ascertained how much the students had learnt
Competitions were held to encourage students
to learn about the environment
In 2010, Goa's industrial group, V S Dempo Holdings Pvt. Ltd (DEMPO), tied up with TERI for a climate change awareness programme for school students in the state. This two-year project targets 30 schools across Goa, closely working with the students and teachers. The objective of the programme (see box) is to create awareness on climate change issues among school children and teachers particularly with respect to local issues. Encourage students to respond to the problems of climate change and educate their peers to adopt environment-friendly actions. It also aims to initiate knowledge exchange among schools. The project has employed activity and experiential methods, such as games, competitions, one-on-one interactive workshops and field visits to sensitize students to climate change. Resource material, including teaching aids have been developed and disseminated among the schools. A web site has also been launched (

Students participated in huge numbers
Teacher-student capacity building workshop
As part of this project, several workshops have been held. In November 2010, a teacher-student capacity building workshop was held. The importance of Environmental Education and methods for enhancing teaching skills and the importance of waste management in the context of climate change were discussed.

In early 2011, school-to-school awareness and sensitization workshops were held. Here, a complete overview of climate change was provided to the students. The key issues in the context of Goa were also highlighted. Quiz and games were also held as part of the workshop to reinforce, recap, and ascertain how much the students had assimilated. Group activities were also held to encourage critical thinking among students. Films were also screened, and discussions held subsequently. Students were encouraged to share the message they would take back to their community at the end of the session. One-on-one interactions with schools were also held.

Students built different models to showcase alternate technologies
Model-building competition on alternate technologies
An interactive session with the teachers was held in January 2011. Teachers were appraised of the progress of the project. Their suggestions and feedback for various activities were also obtained. The training needs of the teachers were also discussed.

In July 2011, a competition-cum-exhibition was held among the project schools. The events included poster illustration on the theme 'Goa for me', model making on 'alternate technologies for a sustainable future', creative writing on 'My Goa...My environment', and PowerPoint presentation on 'My Environment...My Responsibility'.

Encouraging students to spread the message
Students participate at a climate change workshop

In April 2011, a teacher's training programme was held on using ICT in Education. This was held as a follow-up to the interactive session with the teachers where they expressed the need to acquaint themselves with the web techniques in the teaching-learning process.

It is expected that this project will have far reaching consequences in terms of sensitizing the students, teachers, parents, and the community on various climate change issues. Besides, the teaching community will be enriched with up-to-date knowledge about climate change, which they will be able to disseminate to their students, who in turn will be motivated to act and transmit their learning to other segments of society. This sustained continuous teaching-learning process will lead to a change in attitudes, behaviour and actions towards the environment.

Sponsor: V S Dempo Holdings Pvt. Ltd, Goa
Duration: 2 years
Key Stakeholder / Beneficiaries: school students, teachers, parents and local community where the school is located
  • Create awareness on key climate change issues among schools (including students and teachers) in context with local issues;
  • Enhance the ability of students and teachers to respond to the climate change problem by training and motivating them to take action;
  • Develop synergy between schools by initiating knowledge exchange between them;
  • Motivate students to further educate their peers and influence more environment-friendly actions.
  • Workshops: Awareness and sensitization for students and parents; capacity building and training of students and teachers;
  • Resource material: Developing posters, stickers, bookmarks, bulletin boards; dissemination of knowledge through films / documentaries, knowledge CDs, games; TERRAGREEN magazine;
  • Competitions for students;
  • Field visits and student exchange programmes;
  • Development of project website (
Poster competition on Goa for Me

Poster competition on Goa for Me
Students paint posters on Goa for Me
An awareness and sensitization workshop
School-to school awareness and sensitization workshop
Posted on: 16 September 2011  |   Project status: Completed