Igniting young minds: Climate EduXchange Phase II

Climate change is the challenge of the century and is likely to affect future generations. TERI believes that the future generation needs to connect, share local stories of environmental change, be sensitized about related issues and has been working towards this endeavour. In this backdrop, information technology offers an effective tool for education and exchange of ideas.

Keeping this in mind, TERI in partnership with Dell launched the 'Climate EduXchange Initiative', an IT-enabled climate initiative last year to improve environment education in schools across six cities all over India. Buoyed by its success, they launched the second phase of the
'Climate EduXchange Initiative' spreading it to six more cities.

Cities covered by Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project While Phase 2 cities are newly added, work continues in Phase 1 cities. Cities covered by Phase 1 and Phase 2
of the project. While Phase 2 cities are newly
added, work continues in Phase 1 cities.

It will now reach out to 90 schools in Shimla, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Vijaywada, and Mysore and continue the work initiated in 300 schools in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mohali, and Pune over the last year.

The primary objective of this partnership is to create a motivated force of students by informing them about environment and associated issues and encouraging lifestyle changes. The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding about climate change issues among students and teachers of all disciplines. Students and teachers will be encouraged to engage with each other in discussing these and related issues.

It also aspires to familiarize them to the importance of the internet and the computer as powerful tools for knowledge, motivate them to take action and bring about desired changes to save the environment.

With an underlying vision to develop a generation of young people who can leverage technological resources to unleash their highest potential, the initiative is designed to ensure that youth all over the world have access to relevant education and information technology.

The additional feature of the second phase of this project is an e-learning course on environment education for teachers, NGOs, and others who may have an interest in the subject. Besides, additional resource material such as multimedia, aids, posters, worksheets, leaflets, and brochures will be developed for dissemination of information on environment in general and climate change in particular.

An exposure visit to school students to 'Kansal &Nepali' forests in Chandigarh
An exposure visit of school students to
'Kansal & Nepali' forests in Chandigarh
The Climate EduXchange Initiative will harness the power of Information Communication Technology (ICT) providing a platform for students from identified parts of the country to share information and ideas across disciplines, about how climate change is affecting them and how they can do their bit in bringing about change.

Workshops, website, outreach activities, and project resource materials facilitates the teachers to incorporate their learning into classroom teaching, thereby making it more effective.

Sponsor: DELL Foundation
Duration: 1 year
Key Stakeholders/ Beneficiaries: Schools, Teachers & Students
Climate EduXchange - harnessing ICT for Climate Change
Phase I - Greening young minds through experiential learning
Highlights of the programme
  • http://www.climateeduxchange.org/
  • The Internet is one of the main tools of the programme, linking project schools from different cities in the country.
  • The programme will continue to have an interactive web repository, a platform for knowledge and sharing of experiences.
  • Dell-TERI knowledge centres have been set up in the nodal schools, equipped with computers and other resource materials. These knowledge centres are accessible to all cluster schools.
  • As part of Climate EduXchange-I, e-learning modules have been developed on topics such as climate change. Further, modules would be developed on themes such as biodiversity, solid waste and so on.
  • An e-learning course on environment education is being developed for teachers, NGOs and others who may have an interest in the subject.
  • Resource material such as multimedia aids, posters, worksheets, leaflets, brochures, and other dissemination material will be developed. This will be an ongoing activity, based on the need of the hour. This will also be uploaded.
  • Regular online and on-the-spot competitions like debate, quiz, paintings, story writing, and other interesting contests will be organized.
Objectives of the programme
  • Raise awareness and understanding on the issue of climate change among students and teachers of all disciplines.
  • Motivate them to take action and bring about desired changes in the environment.
  • Promote engagement on these issues with students in other parts of the country.
  • Build capacity through introduction to the power of technology-the computer and internet.
  • Familiarize all to the importance of the internet and the computer as powerful knowledge tools.
  • Facilitate a link to interact and share knowledge and provide platform for exchange of ideas.
Posted on: 4 August 2010  |   Project status: Completed