Mr Debajit Palit

The spread of rural electrification has been overestimated, and the adoption of subsidised LPG has not picked up, says Mr Debajit Palit, Associate Director, Social Transformation Division, TERI

Ms Pallavi Barua

Wildlife plays a significant role in maintaining the ecological equilibrium of nature, says Ms Pallavi Barua, Associate Fellow, Sustainable Development Outreach & Youth Education division, TERI.

Dr Ajay Mathur

The key here is innovation that reaps both bottom-line and top-line returns, without depleting resources, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI, and Mr R Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals.

Prof S L Rao

For a long-term solution, the two states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka must look objectively at agricultural practices and conserving water, says Prof S L Rao, Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, TERI.

Dr Ajay Mathur

India's ratification of the Paris Agreement on October 2 is a reaffirmation of the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi – the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle – that is so central to the Indian ethos, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI.

Dr Ajay Mathur

The rapidity of the coming into force of the Paris Agreement has left the world scrambling to develop a new timeline for actions, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI.

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

India can significantly harness the irrigated cropped areas potential as well as hydro power potential under the Indus Waters Treaty framework, says Dr S K Sarkar, Director, Water Resources & Forestry Division, TERI.

Mr Ashutosh Senger

For the sake of constitutional order, the judiciary must restrain itself from encroaching into the functions of other Government bodies, says Mr Ashutosh Senger, Research Associate, Green Growth and Resource Efficiency Division, TERI

Ms Mary Abraham

The state of Goa with its high literacy, financial resources, an active civil society, and a strong private sector presence in the tourism, mining and other industries, is in an advantageous position to cover the existing gaps and achieve the desired goals of Swachh Bharat Mission, says Ms Mary Abraham, Fellow, Water Resources and Forestry...

Ms Mary Abraham

In the environmentally sensitive coastal tourist state of Goa, Swachh Bharat Mission provides tremendous opportunities to the much required leap in sanitation sector, says Ms Mary Abraham, Fellow, Water Resources and Forestry Division, TERI.