Ms Kavita Vithal Patil

Most rivers in developing countries serve as waste water conduits, contaminated with high loads of pathogenic microorganisms released from sewage, agriculture runoff and other hazardous compounds from industrial effluents, says Ms Kavita Vithal Patil, Research Associate, TERI Southern Regional Centre

Dr Neetika W Chhabra

There are indications that biopesticides will gain a foothold in the future of, says Dr Neetika W Chhabra, Fellow, Biotechnology & Bioresources Division, TERI.

Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya

In the coming years factors such as growing population, rising aspirations of a growing middle class, increased per-capita income, access to affordable finance etc. will make the automobile sector all the more relevant for the Indian economy, says Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya and Dr Shilpi Kapur, Fellows, Green Growth and Resource Efficiency Division;...

Mr Nitish Arora

A mechanism needs to be put in place that offers incentives to garner the support of both consumers and manufactures for the effective management of End of Life Vehicles, say Mr Nitish Arora, Research Associate, Integrated Policy Analysis Division, TERI.

Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya

Considering an insatiable demand for vehicles in an economy that is expected to grow at an average of 7% for the next 20 years, the automobile sector in the country will require disproportionate amounts of natural resources which will not only have economic cost implications, but also have strong environmental and social impacts, say Mr Souvik...

Ms Akshima Tejas Ghate

Regulating the manufacture of e-rickshaws, to bring about standardisation and uniformity in design, is essential, says Ms Akshima T Ghate, Associate Director, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

Mr Debajit Palit

While policies are gender-neutral and provide equal opportunities, it does not always result in equal outcomes, say Mr Debajit Palit, Associate Director, Social Transformation Division and Dr G Mini, Fellow, Green Growth and Resource Efficiency Division, TERI.

Ms Taru Mehta

Consumption always increases during festivals, and in India given the religious diversities, these patterns upsurge on several occasions all year through, says Ms Taru Mehta, Fellow and Ms Saltanat M Kazi, Fellow, Sustainable Development Outreach & Youth Education Division, TERI.

Ms Saltanat M Kazi

Growth and development has revolutionised trade and commerce globally and has improved the standard of living in several countries across the world, says Ms Saltanat M Kazi, Fellow, and Ms Taru Mehta, Fellow, Sustainable Development Outreach & Youth Education Division, TERI.

Mr Siddharth S Edake

Falling in the Indo-Malayan region, Nagaland is a part of a global biodiversity hotspot, says Mr Siddharth S Edake, Associate Fellow, Water Resources and Forestry Division, TERI.