Ms Sonia Grover

India's history is witness to how well-planned cities of our ancient civilisation were equipped with outstanding systems of water harvesting and drainage, say Ms Sonia Grover, Associate Fellow and Dr Fayaz Ahmad Malla, Research Associate, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Ms Chitrangada Bisht

To make sustainable and high performance buildings, the right combination of passive and active design strategies must be used to minimise resource use, says Ms Chitrangada Bisht, Programme Manager & Area Convenor, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment Council, Sustainable Habitat division, TERI.

Dr Ajay Mathur

The challenge is to build a clean energy system that can simultaneously expand access to modern energy services on an affordable basis and tackle the environmental challenges, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General of TERI, and co-authors Lord Adair Turner, Chair of Energy Transitions Commission and Dr B N Suresh, President of Indian National...

Dr Pia Sethi

A new forest policy provides an opportunity to keep pace with the times, recognise important milestones in Indian forestry such gram sabha-based governance, the role of community-owned and managed areas or issues such as biodiversity lying outside protected areas, says Dr Pia Sethi, Fellow, Forestry & Biodiversity division, TERI.

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

Waste water is not just an ecological imperative, it opens up business opportunities as well, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Director, Water Resources division, TERI.

Mr Amit Kumar

Solar can be the answer to India's electricity needs, and also boosts digital payments, says Mr Amit Kumar, Senior Director, Social Transformation Division, TERI.

Mr Jai Kishan Malik

A recent study by The Energy and Resources Institute showed that the whole Indo-Gangetic plain is severely polluted on account of particulate matter. The study concludes that the situation would relentlessly worsen and spread to other parts of the country if remedial actions are not taken immediately, say Mr Jai Kishan Malik, Research Associate...

Dr Chetan A Gaonkar

There are over 18 harmful different species of plants and animals that are reported along the Indian coastline that might have got invaded and established notes Dr Chetan A Gaonkar, Research Associate, TERI Western Regional Centre, along with co-author Mr AC Anil

Dr Banwari Lal

TERI's customised Oilzapper technology -- a crude oil and oily sludge degrading microbial consortium formulation derived from five naturally occurring micro-organisms -- could be beneficial to accelerate the degradation of oil and residual sludge at the latest oil spill locations in the Chennai coast, says Dr Banwari Lal, Senior Director,...

Dr Chetan A Gaonkar

With increased globalization, biological invasion of non-native species into native biodiversity of any bioregion is a threat to cope with, and the consequences of such invasions are being realized increasingly in recent years writes Dr Chetan A Gaonkar, Research Associate, TERI Western Regional Centre, along with co-author Mr AC Anil.