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While India has been significantly dependent on oil imports for several years, the government followed a system of pooling the prices of domestically produced crude (highly subsidised) with imported crude, thereby providing a significant price protection to consumers. Combined with further product subsidies, the final oil price to consumers was...

The events reported in newspapers and weeklies reflect the complexity of our world. Although newspapers do report forecasts, most notably, of the weather and the economy, analyses of the long term are neglected. Scenario analysis can help us go beyond the events of today to explore the future.

We should aim at creating a level playing field for potential investors and gas producers, consumers and transit countries across south Asia, so that the various gas pipeline projects become a reality.

In his book Outgrowing the earth: the food security challenge in an age of falling water tables and rising temperatures, Lester R Brown, the President of the Earth Policy Institute, Washington, DC, draws our attention to the twin challenges of climate change and groundwater depletion. He argues that crop production will suffer as global...