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Urbanisation demonstrates the utmost form of parasitism - it feeds hugely on rural resources. A growing city's appetite is typically met by sacrificing peri-urban agricultural land and associated livelihoods, says Dr Yogesh Gokhale, Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change division, TERI.

If India has to attain a 9 to 10 per cent growth of the economy, the management of the energy sector and its evolution in the coming future would need immediate attention by the country’s leadership, says Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI.

Glazing has a large role to play in a building and research has proven that daylight has major positive impact on productivity and human health. On one hand glazing and glass allows us to connect with nature, lets in daylight, facilitates natural ventilation (when left open) and on the other hand also lets in heat which takes a lot of energy to...

A fully empowered energy regulator must ensure competition, quality, timeliness and efficiency in production. A single energy regulator must oversee the sector for efficiency, costs, competition, etc.

The regulator must ensure that discoms buy the mandated share of renewable energy, says Mr Shahid Hasan, Associate Director, Knowledge Management division, TERI.