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Fight against global climate change has to begin from the grassroots level for it to succeed, says Ms Neha Pahuja, Associate Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change division, TERI.

The Union Government initiated the process of amending the Indian Forest Act, 1927, around 20 years ago. These amendments, due to political interventions, are yet to see the light of the day, says Dr J V Sharma, Senior Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change division.

It is critical that we examine the social linkages of transport systems and internalise these relationships in our planning, says Ms Akshima T Ghate, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat division.

Nepal needs a strong urban and rural development policy framework that has a focus on environment in addition to overall economic development framework, says Ms Mili Majumdar, Director, Sustainable Habitat division, TERI.

India needs to integrate climate-resilient sanitation technologies with relevant national policies, says Dr Girija K Bharat, Fellow, Water Resources division, TERI.