Mr Debajit Palit

The task to provide electricity to all the villages of India by 2018 with power available 24×7 to all households by the year 2019, appears easier said than done. Currently, more than 250 million people are without electricity access and probably an equal number do not have a reliable supply. The recent developments to address the chronic issues...

Dr Girija K Bharat

A holistic approach to sanitation must be practiced so that faecal matter is safely managed by appropriate treatment, reuse and disposal, say Mr Ankit Tulsyan and Dr Girija K Bharat, Consultants, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

The conservation of water has to be undertaken with seriousness, on a long-term basis, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow and Director, Water Resources & Forestry division, TERI.

Dr Shilpi Kapur

Restoring and maintaining the health of natural resources by incorporating resource efficiency is a key element of sustainable development, says Dr Shilpi Kapur, Fellow, Green Growth and Resource Efficiency division, TERI.