COP18 - Equitable and Efficient Access to Sustainable Development


This parallel event hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) launched the Chinese and English version of the book, Equitable Access to Sustainable Development: Contribution to the Body of Scientific Knowledge. The book compiles contribution from the experts from BASIC countries made to the BASIC Experts Meeting hosted by China earlier this year. Prof. Jiahua Pan (CASS, China) introduced the book and relevance of the theme. Mr Chandra Bhushan (CSE, India) underscored the important role that the BASIC Expert Group can play in drafting an equitable climate regime to be agreed in 2015. Peet Du Ploy (South Africa) pointed out that broadly the question is that of finding a balance between extraction of natural resources and nature ability to reproduce them. In addition, the challenge of sustainable development for developed countries is to reduce their ecological footprint, whereas for developing countries the challenge is to provide access to basic services to majority of the population without increasing their ecological footprint. He pointed out that broadly the BASIC countries are very close to the sustainable development quotient on the graph of HDI and Ecological Footprint. Manish Shrivastava (TERI) pointed out that historically, equity has been the core question of the policy discourse and depending upon the circumstances different equity criterion have been successful in resolving the challenges. In context of climate change, the complexity of the circumstances demand that all criteria must be taken into consideration. Further, the concept of sustainable development can be taken as a net-concept, which demands a top-down co-operative global regime, or it can be taken as an incremental-concept, which fits well with the bottom-up pledge-based regime. However, in any case equitable access to sustainable development demands that the top-down decision trickles down to grass root impacts and bottom-up actions aggregate to the net-concept of sustainable development. A healthy interactive session with the audience followed the presentations.

Date: 5 Dec 2012
Location: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China Pavilion
Category: Any Other


Mr Manish Kumar Shrivastava/Ms Ritika Tewari
Associate Fellow/Research Associate
Centre for Global Environment Research
Earth Science and Climate Change Division