TERI-ITEC Course - Decentralized energy solutions - planning and implementation


TERI organized a training course on ‘Decentralized energy solutions: planning and implementation’ under the ITEC/SCAAP (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation/Special Commonwealth African Assistance Programme) of the Government of India. Participants from Tanzania, Nigeria, Togo, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Philippines attended the programme. A study visit to the TERI Himalayan Centre, Latey Bunga, Mukteshwar, and the villages around it, was arranged for the participants to show the decentralized energy solutions in the area. A demonstration of the solar water heating system, solar lighting system and biogas, and traditional cook stove was given to the trainees.


ITEC participants also visited the Ram Gad Micro-hydro site (2X50 kW [kilowatt]) in the Nainital district. The plant was constructed in 1988 with the help of a nodal agency affiliated to the Government of Uttar Pradesh (present Uttarakhand) and local committee was formed. The committee is running the MHP with four local trained employees. 372 households from five villages are connected. The total load required is about 90 kW. The power generated during the day is fed to the grid and the same is supplied during night to the villagers. This is a successful example of public-private partnership.

Date: 2-20 Nov 2009 Theme: Renewable Energy
Location: RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurgaon
Category: Training


Mr Debajit Palit
Associate Director
Social Transformation Division
E-mail: debajitp@teri.res.in