COP15: A Good Climate for Jobs


The Global Climate Network, of which TERI is a founding partner, with support from the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy organized a side event titled A Good Climate for Jobs based on its report ‘Creating Opportunity: Low Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World’ (available here ).

Based on nine, national-level studies, the event presented the potential and importance of focusing on job creation in clean energy sector in nine countries. The report suggests that workers stand to benefit from investment in new, climate-friendly energy technology markets. It also highlights how international cooperation can help countries embark on a sustainable development path. The discussions focused on job creation linked to action on climate change, and the role of governments in ensuring that the transition to low carbon economy is fair and supports people whose jobs are lost.

The members of the panel included - Professor Jiahua Pan, Director, Research Centre for Sustainable Development, China; John Connor, Director, The Climate Institute, Australia; Andrew Gilder, Director, IMBEWU Sustainability Legal specialists, South Africa; Manish K Shrivastava, Research Associate, CGER (Centre for Global Environment Research), TERI, India; Andrew Light, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, US; Andrew Pendleton, Senior Fellow, ippr, UK (Chair).

For audio links to discussion and question-answer session, visit here .

Date: 17 Dec 2009 Theme: Climate Change
Location: Bellona Room, Hall C7, Bella Center, Copenhagen
Category: Conference


Mr Manish K Shrivastava
Research Associate
Earth Science and Climate Change