Project Profile

Project Title Biodiversity conservation for poverty alleviation in Asia Pacific APFED showcase experience: Operationalising Nagoya Protocol in South Asia
Project Code 2012SF08
Project Status Completed
End Date September 2013
Sponsor(s) United Nations Environment Programme
Executive Summary Full Text

The overall goal of the APFED (Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development) side event on Biodiversity and Poverty alleviation is to provide a knowledge sharing platform to discuss the successes and lessons learned behind approaches to projects and programmes, which aim to link these critical issues. The event is organized by UNEP in cooperation with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). One of the main objectives of the event is to address APFED Showcase projects, highlighting community level actions and technological innovations which achieved positive results in linking biodiversity and poverty alleviation. The event aims to facilitate interaction between experts concerned with the management of such types of initiatives. The programme will facilitate knowledge sharing on this topic and be organized around specific APFED Showcase projects, which offer valuable insights into approaches to biodiversity and poverty alleviation at the local level through: (1) introduction of alternative livelihoods; (2) solutions to human-wildlife conflicts; and (3) community forestry for poverty alleviation.