Project Profile

Project Title Technical Feasibility Study for Rainwater Harvesting at TESCO-HSC
Project Code 2011WM08
Project Status Completed
End Date March 2012
Sponsor(s) TESCO HSC
Division Water Resources and Forestry
Executive Summary Full Text

TERI was contacted by TESCO Hindustan Service Centre (TESCO HSC), Bangalore, to prepare a proposal for designing a rainwater harvesting system on site. Subsequently, TERI performed a reconnaissance survey of the TESCO HSC located in Whitefield, Bangalore with the aim of designing a rainwater harvesting system and facilitating conservation of water. Based on the the information obtained from the discussions and site visit, it was decided that rainwater harvesting could be designed for the TESCO campus in order to bring down their water demand for horticulture purposes and also help conserve water. Accordingly a technical feasibility study including analysis of data, developing options for rainwater harvesting, designing & drawing of appropriate options for the TESCO HSC Camputs, Bengaluru would be performed.