Project Profile

Project Title Study on indoor air quality at three offices of WHO in Delhi (Nirman Bhawan, BKK and NPSP)
Project Code 2011EE07
Project Status Completed
End Date February 2012
Sponsor(s) World Health Organization
Division Earth Science & Climate Change
Executive Summary Full Text

Indoor air quality is an area of increasing concern not only in rural households burning biomass fuel but also in urban buildings as it impacts the health, comfort, well being, and productivity of building occupants. While most people are aware of the threat posed by outdoor air pollution, few realize that inside homes, schools and offices one can be exposed to two to five times as many pollutants as outdoors (U.S Environmental Protection Agency). These levels of indoor air pollutants may be of particular concern because most people spend about 90% of their time in indoors and many spend most of their working hours in an office environment. With growing concern on indoor air pollution, WHO requested TERI to submit a proposal to carry out indoor air quality monitoring, suggest measures for improvement of air quality, in their three offices at Nirman Bhawan, BKK (Copernicus Marg) and NPSP office (Safdarjung Enclave). The key objectives of the proposed study would be:
• Identify the main sources of indoor air pollution in the three offices at Delhi
• To monitor the levels of indoor air pollutant concentrations in the three offices
• To monitor the ambient air quality outside the three offices
• Comparison of the monitored air quality with National standards (CPCB) and International air quality standards/guidelines (WHO, ASHRAE, USEPA) wherever applicable
• Suggest recommendations (if needed) to improve the indoor air quality