Project Profile

Project Title Safeguarding of oil pipelines by controlling microbial induced corrosion through biotechnological approach
Project Code 2005MB35
Project Status Completed
End Date June 2011
Sponsor(s) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

One of the major economical loss faced by the oil corporate are due to the corrosion in the pipelines. The internal corrosion of the pipelines is basically caused by MIC (microbial induced corrosion), negatively impacts the integrity, safety, and reliability of oil pipeline operations throughout the world. This microbial induced 'tuberculosis of the pile lines', as termed by the oil companies is of prime concern for the huge economic loss. Studies estimate that corrosion and deterioration caused by various mechanisms in recovery wells and pipes cost U.S. companies $117.8 billion per year. One of the major drawbacks associated with this problem is that, the damage can be local and extremely hard to detect. With the collaborative effort of Corporate Health Safety and Environment, ONGC Mumbai, the project aims to develop rapid detection methods to corrosion causing microbes in oil pipelines. Further design of biocides for control of the MIC causing microbes will also be attempted.