Project Profile

Project Title Detailed feasibility study of DDG projects at four (one hydro and three biomass) new villages in Korba site
Project Code 2004BE26
Project Status Completed
End Date January 2005
Sponsor(s) NTPC Limited
Division Energy Environment Technology Development
Executive Summary Full Text

In order to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to provide electricity, NTPC has undertaken a site specific study through TERI for setting up of DDG (decentralized distributed generation) projects for village electrification.
The broad objectives of the study are as follows.
(1) To assess the electricity demand for selected remote villages. (2) To assess the availability of different renewable energy sources at the village level. (3) To undertake assessment for identifying appropriate decentralized renewable energy supply options to meet the energy needs. (4) To assess and determine modalities for setting up an instititutiional arrangement for operation and management of system. (5)To assess the opportunities of small-scale industries and micro enterprises, and also analyse the social and environmental impacts.