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Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
Assessment of reclaimed ash ponds and fly ash treated agricultural fields Department of Science & Technology June 2014
Identification and screening for potential biodiesel yielding microalgae from North-East India Department of Biotechnology February 2013
Exploitation of metagenomic approach for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from hydrocarbon-contaminated sites Department of Biotechnology May 2012
Bioremediation of sludge pits for disposal of sludge at various sites in Lakwa ETP-II, ONGC, Assam Asset Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited February 2012
Synthesis of nanoparticles using microorganisms Department of Biotechnology June 2011
Safeguarding of oil pipelines by controlling microbial induced corrosion through biotechnological approach Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited June 2011
Detailed survey regarding present status of Jatropha plantation in nine states of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy March 2011
Wastewater treatment in membrane bioreactor using low-cost membranes TERI November 2010
Detection and control of microbial-induced corrosion in oil and gas pipelines through a biotechnological approach Department of Biotechnology July 2009
Energy carrier of the fumeless future Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited July 2009