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Mr A K Saxena

Senior Fellow & Director

Mr A K Saxena holds a Master's degree in Engineering (Electrical) from the University of Roorkee (now IIT, Roorkee) and MBA in Operations Management, India from Indira Gandhi National Open University. He has over 35 years of experience in the apex organizations in the power sector in India namely Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

In the Central Electricity Authority, he worked in various capacities starting from Assistant Director and rose to the level of Chief Engineer, prior to his retirement in February 2016. During his career, he has handled important portfolios like Chief (Engineering) in the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) (2013-2016) and Director (Operation Monitoring) and Director (Transmission) in the Ministry of Power (2005-12). In CERC, Mr. Saxena was responsible for setting of norms for tariff of Inter-State Generating Stations (ISGSs) and Inter State Transmission System (ISTS), and their tariff determination, amendment/framing and regulations in respect of Indian Electricity Grid Code, Deviation Settlement Mechanism, Point of Connection tariff for ISTS, Open Access, Examination of petitions for Grant of Transmission Licenses and Trading Licenses and issues related to open access, grid security and grid discipline, etc. In CERC, he headed a Task Force for giving inputs for framing draft regulations for Transmission Planning and was a member/convenor of Task Forces/Committees.

In CEA, he worked in techno-economic appraisal of and establishment of load dispatch centres in the country and grid management. In the Ministry of Power Shri Saxena has handled work related to monitoring of operation of electricity grids and electricity generation, power supply position in the country, allocation of power to states for managing shortages and emergencies, short term fuel management for thermal power stations, crisis and disaster management plan, transmission related issues etc. He has travelled to a number of countries.

At TERI, Mr Saxena is heading the Electricity and Fuels Division and is responsible for projects related to solar and wind, demand forecasting and supply side options, load research, demand side management, smart grid, smart city etc.