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Clean Air Mission for India - Ten Solutions 6

Table 2: Major Indian Initiatives to Curb Air Pollution

S.No Initiatives Dates

Transport sector

1 Notifying advanced vehicle emission and fuel quality standards– BS-IV from 2017 and 2016
BS-VI from 2020

2 Introducing gas as an automotive fuel in many cities Ongoing—2003 onwards

3 Introduction of fuel efficiency standards for cars and in process to decide the norms 2015
for HDVs.

4 Plan to introduce a voluntary fleet modernization and old vehicle scrappage 2016 (currently being
programme in India discussed)

5 Introducing National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 2012

6 Introduction and enhancement of metro-rail and advanced bus based public transport Ongoing—2002 onwards
systems in select cities

Residential sector

1 Push to accelerate the LPG penetration program for cooking in households Ongoing – special emphasis
2015 onwards

2 Accelerating electrification of villages to reduce kerosene consumption for lighting Ongoing process

3. Introducing energy efficiency labeling program for energy intensive home appliances 2006
like air conditioners

Power sector

1 Ambitious targets for power generation through renewables (100 GW solar by 2022) 2015

2 Shift towards high efficiency super critical technology for power generation Ongoing process

3 Converting coal based power stations to gas based in select cities -

4 Notifying more stringent standards for PM and new standards for gaseous pollutants 2015
for coal-based plants

5 Notifying new stringent standards for diesel generator sets for stand by power 2016

Industrial sector

1 Notifying and revising standards for highly polluting industries Ongoing process

2 Pilot testing of emission trading scheme (ETS) in select industrial zones Announced in 2010
3 Continuous monitoring of select large industries Ongoing under the ETS

Others 2015 (NGT)
1 Imposition of ban on open agricultural residue burning 2015 (NGT)
2 Imposition of ban on refuse burning in some cities

3 Launch of an official air quality index for Indian cities 2015
4 Setting up the Steering Committee on Air Pollution and Health Related Issues 2014
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