The Key expected outcomes of the pilot phase of this project are:

Outcome 1: Improved understanding of extreme climate exposure and vulnerability in drylands among scientific community and target groups- including policymakers, practitioners and vulnerable communities


  • Regional climate model scenarios for temperature and precipitation over a high spatial resolution (25 * 25 km) and projections for specific future time slices - 2030s, 2050s and 2070s
  • Participatory workshops with stakeholders in discussions on climate scenarios and extreme impacts

Outcome 2: Improved scientific basis and knowledge developed and made available by the project on vulnerability and climate risk management


  • Menu of adaptation choices for CBA in the drylands developed and presented to community groups and key stakeholders/target group
  • A decision-support tool for CBA developed in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Relevant officials and village communities engaged through participatory workshops and awareness and capacity built

Outcome 3: Conducted participatory vulnerability analysis and identified adaptation options at the community level


  • Protocol for engaging stakeholders for experience sharing, consensus building, creating ownership and resolving conflicts
  • A replicable institutional model developed for supporting community-based adaptation
  • A new long-term program for Indo-Norwegian cooperation designed and submitted

Outcome 4: Improved understanding and capacity among target groups to manage extreme events and apply adaptation skills and approaches


  • Evidence of application of new or improved climate-risk and vulnerability assessment tools, methods, and policy guidelines
  • New adaptation capacity building approach prepared for up-scaling and introduced to relevant training institutions and NGOs

Rationale of the project

Nearly 300 million people inhabiting the dryland regions of India are dependent on agriculture for livelihoods and sustenance.

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Project goal: The main goal of the project is to assess the enabling conditions for effective community-based adaptation to the impact of extreme events at the community level.

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Project Outline

The project has adopted a participatory approach involving multi stakeholders for achieving its goals.

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Project Partners

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