Project goal: The main goal of the project is to assess the enabling conditions for effective community-based adaptation to the impact of extreme events at the community level. The project goal refers to the positive effects the project seeks to achieve for the target groups that include vulnerable communities, local groups and policymakers/practitioners at state and local levels.

Development goal (refers to the long-term potential effect on society):

  • To assess capacity needs and design capacity building approaches to adapt to increased risk and vulnerability of extreme climate events at the community level;
  • To design a full-scale and long-term institutional collaboration program in other states and geographic settings based on participatory research and development approaches tested through the pilot phase

Rationale of the project

Nearly 300 million people inhabiting the dryland regions of India are dependent on agriculture for livelihoods and sustenance.

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Project Outline

The project has adopted a participatory approach involving multi stakeholders for achieving its goals.

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Expected Outcomes

The Key expected outcomes of the pilot phase of this project are
Outcome 1: Improved understanding of extreme climate exposure and vulnerability in drylands among scientific community and target groups- including policymakers, practitioners and vulnerable communities

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Project Partners

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