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Library services

The major services rendered, in addition to conventional library and information services, are as follows.

Library Services Specialized Services
  • Circulation
  • Abstracting services
  • Reference and referral services
  • Literature search
  • Special Library Day on thematic
  • Book Exhibition
  • Library orientation programme for new users
  • Document delivery
  • Reprography
  • Inter-library loan
E-based and Web Services
  • Library Infodesk
  • Online journals, books and databases
  • Forthcoming events
  • Recent additions
  • News headlines
  • Digital Library
  • Institutional Repository
  • Database development
  • CD-ROM access
  • Journals Table of Content
  • E-zines on contemporary subjects
  • Library alerts
Project Based Services
  • Providing lead to Business Opportunities for TERI
  • PBIS (Project Based Information Service)
  • Projects/publication updates of other institutes
Consultancy Service
  • Setting up specialized information centres
  • Developing and maintaining databases
  • Handling information by electronic means
  • Library automation
Learning & Capacity Development
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Professional Development Programmes
  • Customized short training prograqmme for research professionals

Specialized information centres

  • Specialized Library on Climate Change.
    The SLCC is a TERI initiative under the aegis of the Framework Agreement for the Programme of Cooperation on Energy, Environment, and Climate Change sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and constitutes a part of the Library and Information Centre.
    Its objectives are:
    Function as an information collection, compilation and dissemination centre on climate change
    Develop and provide access to information services, products and databases
    Promote resource sharing and networking (http://www.teriin.org/slcc/index.php)

  • ENVIS (Environmental Information System) Centre
    The centre has been designated as an ENVIS Centre on renewable energy and environment: one among 25 such centres sponsored by MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests), Government of India. The centre responds to technical queries, provides photocopies of documents requested by users, and establishes linkages with other ENVIS centres. It maintains a database on renewable energy and environment issues, develops reprint collection, and updates information content on the web site (http://www.terienvis.nic.in/).

  • MIC (Mycorrhiza Information Centre)
    Established in 1988, this center facilitates information dissemination and exchange among scientists working on mycorrhiza. The centre collects and organizes information resources on mycorrhiza and publishes information products like directories, conference proceedings, a quarterly newsletter and provides content for the web site (http://mycorrhizae.org.in/)).


Supplying information on demand is not enough. Believing in the proverbial wisdom that exhorts us to ‘teach a man how to fish’ so that he can be ‘fed for a lifetime’, the LIC also offers expert advice on

  • setting up specialized information centres
  • developing and maintaining databases
  • handling information by electronic means
  • library automation
  • customized user services.

Workshops and conferences

The Centre regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences with an objective to create a forum for interaction among library and information professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments in the fields of information science and related IT applications.


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