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Established in 1974 as a Documentation and Information Centre, TERI LIC has emerged as a pioneering research library and information centre in South Asia on energy, environment, and sustainable development. The Centre is one of the largest in the region and most modern in terms of service, infrastructure, and information technology applications.

The Library and Information Centre of TERI serves primarily to meet all information needs of in-house researchers; the Centre also serves energy and environment professionals worldwide by providing value-added information services.


Latest arrivals


Golden greens: the amazing world of plants
Bhattacharyya, Bharati
TERI press, 2015
xxiv, 263p
Accn. No. GR15446



Rendering with radiance: the art and science of lighting visualization
- Larson, Greg.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc

Accn. No. CD1522


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