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1st International Conference on Sustainable Fuels for IC Engines in Emerging Nations

Venue : Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi | Date: 2-3rd February 2015


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Need for Sustainable Fuels

Despite a steady escalation of climate change mitigation policies, annual GHG emissions grew on average by 1.0 gigatonne carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO2eq) (2.2 %) per year from 2000–2010 compared to 0.4 GtCO2eq (1.3 %) per year from 1970 to 2000. The total anthropogenic GHG emissions had been the highest between 2000– 2010 and reached 49 (±4.5) GtCO2eq / yr in 2010, in which the transport sector contributed a significant amount of 14% (7.0 GtCO2eq). In addition, the transport sector also accounted for 27% of final energy use while the baseline CO2 emissions are projected to be doubled by 2050 (IPCC Report 2014).

Considerable work has been conducted globally looking into alternative low carbon (Methane, DME, Methanol etc.) and zero carbon fuels (electricity, H2, NH3). Whilst several of these fuels can provide zero GHG emissions at point of use, a true measure of their sustainability potential can only be assessed by looking at the GHG and energy efficiency of the fuel production, transportation and use. Given the complexity of the situation the aspiration of the conference is to identify fuels that can be produced sustainably, at economically viable costs, at the volumes required to replace hydrocarbon fuels, that can be used in conventional IC Engines with minimal modification and that could also meet or exceed emissions requirements.

In lieu of these facts and projections, it is imperative to have a discussion by bringing together the various Heads of Government, thinking tanks, policy makers, venture capitalists, experts from academia and industries (automobile and fuel) under the same umbrella to deliberate on myriad issues on alternative transport fuels.

This conference will pave the way for discussions and knowledge exchange for the possible routes forward and develop potential partnerships/collaboration to find a road map for sustainable fuels in IC engines.