Our Projects

TERI has been working on the projects that emphasize on ensuring nutritional security, directly or indirectly through multi-pronged approaches that are designed to ensure the long term sustainability of the interventions undertaken as part of the projects. The main themes focused upon in the projects include bio-prospecting of natural resources, building sustainable communities and related projects that overlap and have linkages to ensure nutrition security and long term sustainability.

The initiatives undertaken have been planned in such a way that the diverse stakeholders from both rural and urban areas would be made aware about the current status of this important issue and encouraged to tackle malnourishment using simple methods and resources easily available in the local area. This would not only ensure sustainability of the interventions but also magnify their benefits.


The tribals of Palghar district have been traditionally gathering and consuming wild edible tubers as one of the major constituents of their diet.

Sustainable Communities

Community level interventions like fruit and energy plantations have long term sustainability and benefit both the present and future generations.

Livelihood, Climate Change

Integration of climate smart and health promoting crops like Ragi in the daily diet is advocated through several of TERI's projects to ensure nutrition security.

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