About the Conference

The 4th annual International Conference ‘NANOFORAGRI 2020’ with the main theme ‘Application of Nanotechnology for Sustainable, Productive and Safer Agriculture and Food System’ will be one of the big International meetings exclusively dedicated to application of nanoscale science and technology in re-engineering the quality, quantity and safety of agricultural and food systems. The conference will bring together highly-accomplished experts with diversified backgrounds across the globe. The event will be of truly interdisciplinary in nature and encompass basic studies, applications, global challenges and globally harmonized systems for nano solutions for agriculture and food systems. Read more >>

Eminent Speakers from Previous Conferences

Dr. Alok Adholeya

Director, TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Dr Melanie Kah


Dr Alok Dhawan

IITR, Lucknow, India

Dr Amit Dinda


Dr Y K Gupta

AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. Ratul K Das

Associate Fellow, TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Dr Anil K Mishra


Prof. Dinesh Mohan

Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Dr Appa Rao Podile

University of Hyderabad

Dr V Ramgopal Rao

IIT Delhi

Dr. Pushplata Singh

Fellow, TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Dr Rabi N Sahoo

Principal Scientist, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Dr Gadhadar Reddy

CEO, Nopo Nanotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Braj Raj Singh

Fellow, TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Dr K S Subramanian


Dr Richard Williams

Senior Lecturer, Medical Biotechnology in the School of Medicine, Deakin University, Australia