International Conference on Nanobiotechnology for Agriculture 2018
Detection, Conservation and Responsible Use of Natural Resources

13th – 14th December 2018 | Gual Pahari, Gurugram Register Now

About the Conference

Agriculture, water, and the socio-economic status of people are inherently linked, and the rising food and water insecurity from climate change will affect the poorest and most vulnerable by further limiting their access for agricultural and other purposes. Indian temperatures could rise by as much as 5°C and precipitation could vary from -32 to 57% during 2070-2099. By 2025, India's population will exceed 1.5 billion people and the demand for food grain is estimated to be over 300 m tonnes. Fertilizer nutrients play an important role in crop production, however, the removal of nutrients is far higher than the nutrient additions creating a net negative balance of 10 m tonnes for nutrients which are currently being removed from soil every year and causing serious threat to soil health. Imbalanced use of chemical fertilizers creates nutrient imbalance of soil, leaching losses, ‘crop burning’, reduced productivity besides environmental problems. Therefore it is important to integrate other sources of plant nutrients, recycling of crop residues and judicious use of beneficial, natural resources including microbes. Enhancing soil productivity using innovative solutions while conserving our natural resources is important not only to increase farm output of food grains but also to retrieve the vast wastelands.

The Second International Conference on “Nanobiotechnology for Agriculture: DETECTION, CONSERVATION AND RESPONSIBLE USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES” is being organized from 13th – 14th December 2018, jointly by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre at Gurugram. This year the Conference aims to develop a deeper understanding of nutrient and pest management practices, soil conservation and field detection strategies employing nanomaterials, bionanocatalysis and other Nanotechnology interventions. The conference will also showcase talks and discussion on the critical and yet unexplored field of environmental fate of engineered and applied nanomaterials.

Keeping in mind that applying nanotechnology in agriculture successfully also depends on an effective regulatory mechanism and governance involving all stakeholders, the conference will hold a stakeholder’s discussion involving all relevant parties to debate the key challenges and areas of accelerated research where nanotechnology can play an important role. The Conference will provide an interactive platform for young researchers by showcasing posters, and oral presentations in the focussed thematic sessions to understand the innovation space and scope for nanobiotechnology interventions to address pressing issues in agriculture.


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