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Day 2: 24 February 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue:   IHC, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
8.00 am Registration
9.00 – 10.00 am

Plenary Session: Keynote Address I
The Stein Auditorium)

Pravin Sinclair
Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, India

Prof Mr Armoogum Parsuramen
Director and UNESCO Representative to India, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka

10.00- 11.30 am Technical Session 1

Session 1A
(The Stein Auditorium)

Session 1B
(Silver Oak, Ground Floor)
Session 1C
(Jacaranda I, First Floor)
Session 1D
(Jacaranda II, First Floor)

Role of digital libraries in education, cultural, social and economic development

Prof. S B Ghosh
Former Professor and Head, School of Library & Information Science, IGNOU, India

Invited Speaker:
Deanna Marcum (USA)
Digital Libraries: New Roles, Expanded Opportunities

Shalini R Urs (India)
From boundaries to boundless, from digital to social again: shifting paradigms in digital libraries

Akira Maeda (Japan)
Digital Humanities in the Context of Digital Libraries

Digital preservation

Dr ARD Prasad
Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC), Bangalore, India

Invited speaker:

Jean-Marc Comment (Switzerland) Challenges and responses in Digital Preservation: the European project Planets.

Elena Maceviciute (Sweden)
Evaluating the SHAMAN Digital Preservation Framework for memory institutions

Vidya Natampally (India)
India Digital Heritage Project

E-resources management for distance learners

Prof. M Aslam
Director, SOCE, , IGNOU, India

Invited speaker:
Uma Kanjilal (India)
Open Educational Resources and Open Courses: Challenges and Opportunities

Contributed speaker:

Omer Hassan Abdelrahman (Sudan)
Library Support to Distance Learners in Sudan: A Proposed Hybrid Model

Nidhi Chopra
A Notion from Crisp Sets to Rough Sets

G Jothi, P Santhy, J Venkitapirabu and V Valluvaparidasan
Re-usable Learning Objects (RLO) – A Novel Perspective tool for Distance Learners

S Kannan, K. Ashok Kumar and Bharat I Fozdar (24 Feb)
Developing e-Learning Resources for Capacity Building through Blended Learning in the Context of National Skill Development Initiative: Imperatives for Regulatory, Fiscal and Institutional Adaptations

A Noorhidawati and D Azeana (Malaysia)
Utilising Digital Library (DL) in Digital Library Education (DLE)

Digital libraries development, architecture, and management

Ms Rebecca B Vargha
Librarian, University Library, University of North Carolina, USA

Invited Speaker:
Reagan W. Moore and Arcot Rajasekar (USA)
Enabling Policies in Distributed Data Management

Contributed speaker:

Ahmad Khan, Ajit Sonawane and N B Dhibhate
Service-Oriented Architecture for Digital Library Management System

Sharbani Ranjan Kundu
Digital Library development, architecture, and management

Mrinal Chandra
Digital Library : An Overview

Aparna Rajendra and B M Panage
Digital Library at University Library : With special reference to Pune University Jayakar Library


11.30– 11.45 am Tea    
11.45 am – 1.15 pm Technical Session 2
Session 2A
(The Stein Auditorium)
Session 2B
(Silver Oak, Ground Floor)
Session 2C
(Jacaranda I, First Floor)

Session 2D
(Jacaranda II, First Floor)

Information retrieval for global access

Dr P R Goswami
Director, Central Secretariat Library, Govt of India, India

Invited speaker:
Caroline M. Stern and Jagtar Singh
Human Intervention and Critical thinking : Foundation skills for seeking reliable and contextual information from the internet

Nabi Hasan & Mukhtiar Singh
Z 39.50 and its Applications in library and Information system

N C Jayamani & Kambaran
The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University Library a brief

Michael Huggett and Edie Rasmussen (Canada)
The Indexer’s Legacy: Promoting Access to a Million Books

Contributed Speakers:

Jaafar Ebad-allah (Iran)
Role of ICT in information retrieval behavior of the faculty members of the state universities of Qom in use of internet and databanks

Ehtesham Hassan, Ritu Garg, Santanu Chaudhury and M Gopal
Document Image Indexing for Digital Library Application

Knowledge Management

Prof Dr Stefan Gradmann
Berlin School of Library and Information Science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Invited speaker:
Michael Fraser (Australia)
Knowledge Ecology

Contributed Speakers:

B Shivakumar and Hena S Gupta
Use of patents and intellectual properties in Corporate world

Isabella Peters, Wolfgang G. Stock and Katrin Weller (Germany)
Joining Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Management in Digital Libraries

K Tharani Devi and K Vinitha, Sr
Knowledge Management Featuring in Library and Information

Md. Roknuzzaman, Md. Nazmul Hasan and A K M Eamin Ali Akanda (BanglaDesh)
A Framework of Knowledge Management Education in Digital Library Learning

Nilay M.Yajnik
Knowledge Management and Organizational Digital Libraries

Bhojaraju Gunjal and Shalini Urs
Knowledge Organization Systems, Part 1 – Comparative Study of Forty Digital Libraries

e-publishing and archives

Prof Madhu Prahar
Director, I/C IUC, IGNOU, India

Contributed Speakers:

R Raman Nair and K H Hussain
Nitya Archive: Software for Full Text Digital Libraries in Indian Languages

Ann M Riedling
Approaches to Teaching and Learning Information Retrieval Online: Extreme Searching!

Praveen Babbar, R K Bhatt, Seema Chandhok (IGNOU)
Treasures of Government Archives: A Case Study of Archaeological Libraries in New Delhi, India

Simardeep Kaur and Sewa Singh
E-Publishing: Changing Information Environment

K Tamilmani
Are E-Journals Utilized for the Research Purpose of the Company – An Analysis

Rekha Rani Varghese(IGNOU)
E-resources at the Ananda Ranga Pillai Library, Pondicherry University: An Analysis

Vaishali Khaparde
Use of Internet by Research Scholars of Social Science Departments of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

Rao Ashher Kamal Waris and Mohammad Haroon Khan
Impact of Electronic Resources on Users of Library in A.M.U. Aligarh: a study

DRM and access management

Prof J L Sardana
Professor Emeritus, Dept of Lib & Info Science, University of Delhi

Invited speaker:
Denise Troll Covey (USA)
The Ethics of Open Access and Copyright Infringement

Contributed Speakers:

V Selvarajan
Digital Rights Management (DRM) - DRM makes it possible To sell the rights to use the media object, Rather than selling the media object itself

Dhanalakshmi S Subramanian
Digital Rights Management

Geeta G Gadhavi
Digital Rights Management: Especially for Institutional Repository of Gujarat University

A Murali M Rao (IGNOU)
Digital Library Security: a Layered Approach


1.15 – 2.00 pm Lunch
(Sponsored by……)
2.00 – 3.00 pm Product Presentation I
(The Stein Auditorium)
2.00 – 3.00 pm Poster session I
3.00– 3.30 p.m. Tea
3.30 – 5.00 pm Technical Session 3
Session 3A
(The Stein Auditorium)
Session 3B
(Silver Oak, Ground Floor)
Session 3C
(Jacaranda I, First Floor)
Session 3D
(Jacaranda II, First Floor)

DL and open access management

R K Chadda
Jt Secretary ,Parliament Library, Lok Sabha

Invited speaker:
Peter Schirmbacher (Germany)
On the way to a worldwide visible open access repository

Contributed Speakers:

C Valarmathi and S Balasubramanian, Sr
Open access or open mind?

Rajesh Chandrakar and Jagdish Arora
Open Access and INFLIBNET’s Initiative for Indian Scholarly Contents

Leila Fernandez, Rajiv Nariani and Marcia Salmon (Canada)
Promoting Open Digital Scholarship - A Canadian Library Perspective

Zahid Ashraf Wan and Sumeer Gul
Open Access and Global Information System

User studies and system evaluation

Dr Subhas Deshmukh
Librarian, GGS Indraprastha University, India

Invited speaker:
Alejandro Bia (Spain)
Towards a Universal Digital Library of Knowledge Commons by Enriching User Experience and Improving Web Services

Andreas Rauber (Austria)
Digital Preservation: from large-scale institutions via SMEs to individual users (Digital preservation and access management)

Contributed Speakers:

N R Ramdasi
Evaluating Digital Documents

S M Shafi
User Involvement in Co- construction of Knowledge: A case study of Digital Library of Flora (Jkflora)

Virtual support to distance learners

Prof K Subramanian
Director, ACIIL, IGNOU, India

Contributed speaker:

Jaideep Sharma, Neena Talwar Kanungo, Archana Shukla, Zuchamo Yanthan and Uma Kanjilal (India)
LIS Education Online: Some Reflections

Kamalika Banerjee (IGNOU)
Designing of teaching VSEPR (of chemistry – PG level) to be developed into a novel OAI-OER initiative

Shubhrangshu Kumar MistriExpert Systems and their impact in Library and Information Science in the Digital Era

Ravi Tumuluri and HR Nagendra
Yoga Courseware – An Online Project by SVYASA

V Valluvaparidasan and
P Santhy
Knowledge sharing through e-mode for distance learners of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Abhilash Nayak and Sudhir Kumar Beura
Relocating e-learning in the rural context: IGNOU Regional Centre, Koraput: A Case Study

Om Vikas Sharma and Anjana Sharma
Challenges and Opportunities Before Open and Distance Education Providing Institutes Moving Towards A Knowledge Developing Society of 21st Century

Abrizah Abdullah
Piloting an Institutional Repository at a Research Intensive University Strategies for Content recruitment and the role of the library

Information processing DL services

Prof. Arcot Rajasekar
School of Library & Information Sciences, University of North Carolina, USA

Invited speaker:
Anne-Maria Di Sciullo (Canada) Information Processing

Contributed speaker:

Binu Chaudhuri Leifang He and Deborah Juterbock, (USA)
Global E- Library Services in Novartis Knowledge Center --meeting world wide information needs at Novartis

Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj
TERI Digital Library: A Case Study

S C Saxena
E-Journals Service to DRDO Scientists through Consortium Approach

Susmita Chakraborty
Networking and bonding the LIS professionals: a study of the electronic LIS forums in India

5.00 – 6.00 pm Technical Session 4
Session 4A
(The Stein Auditorium)
Session 4B
(Silver Oak, Ground Floor)
Session 4C
(Jacaranda I, First Floor)
Session 4D
(Jacaranda II, First Floor)

DL collaboration, Cooperation and networking

Prof Khaiser Nikam
Department of Library and Information Science University of Mysore, India

Contributed speaker:

Heather Brown (Australia)
The interconnected web –a paradigm for managing digital preservation

Eld Zierau and Ulla Bøgvad Kejser (Denmark)
Cross Institutional Cooperation on a Shared Bit Repository

Fatemeh Lagzian and Abrizah Abdullh (Malayasia)
Iranian digital libraries and Information support them through resource sharing: Challenges and opportunities

Ahmed Taha (Sudan)Networked library, virtual knowledge research community, queries processing

B B Chand, N J Sebastian and B. Ramesh
Building an e-research infrastructure with collaborative workplace environment

Prasanna Kumar Barik and D.B.Ramesh
OTAMILNET: A proposed innovative web-based library network for private technical and management institutions of Orissa

Digital Libraries and Copyright issues

Prof. J N Gautam
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Jiwaji University, India

Invited speaker:

Michael Seadle (Germany)Open Access and the End of Copyright

Contributed speaker:

Plamena Popova
Content of Europeana: Copyright issues and new directions

Abhijeet Sinha and Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj
Digital Libraries and Intellectual Property Rights


Advance techniques for DL and m-learning technology

Prof. P R Ramanujam
Director, STRIDE, IGNOU, India

Invited speaker:

Mario J Silva
Building digital library of epidemic modeling

Contributed speaker:

Mahendra Kumar Rawat,and Amit Kumar Chauhan
M- Learning Technologies and the Move towards ‘User-Need Education’ Initiatives and virtual communities of Mobile Learning

K Kiran Kumar and P Venkata Suresh
M-Learning Issues and Limitations –An Indian Perspective

Gayas Makhdumi, Satish Kumar and N K Swain
Mobile libraries, Library systems, Learning, Digital libraries, Information strategy


Digital Library development and issues

Dr R K Bhatt
Head and Associate Professor, Dept of Lib & Info Sc, University of Delhi

Invited speaker:

Ramesh C Gaur
Digital Preservation and Access to Manuscript Heritage of India: A Case Study

Contributed speaker:

Sudatta Chowdhury (Australia)
Digital libraries: A new paradigm shift with some issues and challenges

Kamani Perera (Sri Lanka) and Dinesh Chandra (India)
Development of Digital Libraries: Old Wine in New Bottles

6.00 – 7.00 pm Cultural Programme

7.00 pm

Conference Dinner
Sponsored by Emerald, Presentation by Rajneesh Rajpal