All manuscripts should be submitted in original along with a copyright form duly filled and signed by the author, transfering the  copyrights to TERI. A specimen of the copyright form is attached.
Copyright form


The author/authors should mention clearly their names, address of the institutions they work for, and author for correspondence (along with tel no., fax no., and e-mail id), if any.
Submit your paper online or electronically at the following e-mail address ( positively by 15 September 2009
All invited papers will be published in the pre-conference proceedings. Contributed papers will be published in the pre-conference proceedings only if the paper is accepted for presentation and the contributors register for the conference.
Paper should be submitted in MS Word (2000) format and limited to 5000 words.
Each paper should contain a list of about five keywords. The paper should also mention the topic under which it falls from the list of topics given under 'Call for papers'
Use A4 size paper (210 mm by 297 mm). Please select A4 size for the PDF also.
Provide title in Times New Roman font, bold, 14 point, along with author/s name/s and affiliations.
Use Times New Roman font, 10 point for the main text, in single column. Paragraph heading and sub-headings have to be displayed properly (in bold).
Please set the margins as follows:-
  Top: 3 cm
  Bottom: 3.8 cm
  Left: 3.8 cm
  Right: 2.5 cm
Place page numbers at the bottom of each page, centred on the width.
Set everything left-justified
Please use British spellings throughout the text.
Headings and subheadings can be numbered as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc. These numbers will not appear in final manuscript but it will help in assigning proper levels to these headings and styling them.
Please use single quote marks throughout. In case of a quote within a quote, keep the former in double quote marks, and the main quote within single quote marks. Please leave a line space below and above for quotations longer than 45 words.
Underline words that are to be set in italics.
Please pay attention to consistency in hyphenation. It should either be ‘macro-economic’ or ‘macroeconomic’.
No end dots are required in acronyms such as SAARC. All abbreviations and acronyms must be explained the first time they appear in the text in the format TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), that is, abbreviation followed by expansion in brackets.
Please avoid non-specific time frames such as ‘last year’.
Use figures for exact measurements (10 km; 10%) but words for more general description.
Dates should be cited as '20 November 1980’ and decades either as ‘the eighties’ or ‘1980s’. Follow the international system of numbering, for example, thousands and millions, rather than lakhs and crores.
References should not be given as footnotes. Footnotes should be the explanation of a term or some extra information, indicated in the text with superscripted Arabic number, appearing at the bottom of the page
Tables and figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals and cited properly in the text. These should appear in sequential order in the text. The corresponding tables or figures should appear next to where they are cited or should be placed at the end of the article.
Maps and figures have to be given as reproducible artworks ready for press.
Tables and figures should have proper sources, if sourced from outside.
References shouldn’t be incomplete in any respect. The references cited in the text should have details in the Reference list and the ones mentioned in the list should be cited in the text.
Please follow the anthropological style of citing text references, for example, (Singh 1990) or (Singh 1990: 160) where a specific quote is cited. The complete bibliographical details should appear alphabetically at the end of the article as

Authors/s (surname, initials). Year
Title of the book in bold italics
Place of publication: Name of the publisher. *pp (total no. of pages)

Paper/chapter from a book (multi-authored)
Author A, Author B, and Author C. 1999
Title of the paper/chapter in bold
In Title of the book in italics, pp. 45–50, edited by X and Y
Place: Publisher. * pp.

Author(s). Year
Title of the paper in bold
Title of the journal/magazine/newsletter in italics Volume no (issue no.): 45–55

Author(s)/organization. Year
Title of the report in bold (only the first letter in caps)
Submitted to …
Place: Name of the organization/publisher. *pp. [serial number or any other identifier]

Author/organization. Year
Name of the article in bold (version if available)
Website URL (accessed on date, month, and year)

Paper in published proceedings
Author. Year
Title of the paper in bold, pp 45–50 (vol. no.)
In Title of the published proceedings in italics, edited by X, Y, and Z
Place: Publisher. * pp.
[Proceedings of the Title of the conference/workshop, city, country, date, organized by
name(s) of organizers]