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Success StoriesThird-Party Inspection and Validation of Solar PV Power Plant
(Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society)


As per the target set for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (also known as the National Solar Mission) which is an initiative of the Government of India and State Governments to promote renewable energy, especially solar power. The inspection and validation is imperative for the solar power plants in order to maintain the quality of the power plant.


The project was about the inspection and validation of the Grid Interactive rooftop SPV power plants and its components for aggregate capacity of 330 kWp at 8 Nos. different Govt. Buildings in Chandigarh as per the Technical Specification provided in the Bidding/Tender Documents according to international standard IEC 62446.


The broad scope of work includes: Conduct On-site Inspection, and Validation of Solar PV Power Plants, in co-ordination with CREST and the other concerned authorities; Preparation of Detailed PV System Inspection, and Test Reports (including, PV System Verification Certificates) for On-site Inspection, and Validation of Solar PV Power Plants. Detailed Activities:

Activities Details
Solar PV System/Plant Documentation Check
  • SPV System/Plant Data
    • Basic System Information
    • System Designer Information
    • System Installer Information
  • Wiring Diagram
    • Array - General Specifications
    • PV String Information
    • Array Electrical Details
    • Earthing and Over-Voltage Protection
    • AC System
  • Technical Datasheets
  • Mechanical Design Information
  • Operation and Maintenance Information
  • Test Results and Commissioning Data
Solar PV System/Plant Verification based upon Documentation System/Plant Inspection
Solar PV System/Plant Testing
  • Continuity of Protective Earthing and/or, Equipotential Bonding Conductors
  • Polarity Test
  • PV String Open-Circuit Voltage Measurement
  • PV String Current Measurement
  • Functional Tests
  • PV Array Insulation Resistance Test
Solar PV System/Plant Verification and Testing Reports
  • Initial Verification
  • Periodic Verification
PV Array Infrared Camera Inspection Procedure (Optional)
  • Module Hotspots
  • Bypass Diodes (Hotspots)
  • Cable Connections Note: Thermal imager or, an infrared (IR) camera will be used for carrying-out this experiment.
  • Sponsors/Partners: Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST)
  • Duration: February 2016 to November 2016


The main objective of this study is to Inspect, and Validate Solar PV Power Plants of 8 Govt. Buildings in Chandigarh (total of 330kWp), and its components as per the Technical Specification provided in the Bidding/Tender Documents as per international standards i.e., IEC 62446.