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TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) is an annual publication brought out by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) since 1986 which presents state of art information on energy supply, energy demand and environment. The data in TEDDY is compiled from various government sources, policy documents and other secondary data. The data in the yearbook provides the latest available information at the time of compilation of the chapters. Each edition of TEDDY contains India's commercial energy balances that provide comprehensive information on energy flows within different sectors in the economy. TEDDY is a well referenced document and is often cited in government policy documents and scholarly articles. It is envisaged that TEDDY in future could become a periodic source for a discussion on energy and environment goals.

Discussion paper on energy and environment goals

This discussion paper gives an overview of the policy discourse around energy and environment in the Post-2015 development agenda. The paper examines the state of data availability to arrive at indicators to inform energy and environment goals in India.
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