About the National Centre of Excellence


National Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Agricultural Nanotechnology

is the first of its kind research platform in India, which endeavours to carry out end-to-end research to innovate green nanoproducts including nano-fertilizer, nano-pesticide and nanocarrier products and technologies. Safe and efficacious nanoproducts will be developed by the Centre in order to meet the global food demand along with protecting environment and human health.

Other Centers - TDNBC and DTD-RNA

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The key research theme of the CoE is based on development and innovation of nanofertilizers, nanopesticides of national importance. The project is structured as single “Core research theme” for development of next-generation nano-agriproducts; with two “Supporting work modules” to strengthen the core research module and achieve research translation.

Development of

Nanotoxicity and risk assessment of Nano-Agriproducts

Field Efficacy Evaluation of nanoproducts prototypes

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