LEADearthSHIP projects

Solar Chirag

Objective – To impart skills of making solar based Lamps for marginalized women.

Green Impact

Objective – To create awareness about the need for sustainable Development, climate change and other environmental issues.

Green Transit

Objective – To promote use of public transport and carpooling in TERI and TERI University. Target group is around 1500-1600 people working and studying at TERI and TU.

Youth for SPLASH

Objective – To spread awareness regarding Water Sanitation and Hygiene(WaSH) related issues and possible interventions by community themselves to reduce disease burden.


Objective – To spread awareness regarding menstrual hygiene conditions of women and girls in Amroha village of UP.


Objective – To create a platform for internship and employment opportunities in the field of environment and spread positive stories happing in the environmental arena.


Objective – To provide sustainable livelihood of making and selling handmade articles to women in slums of Delhi


Objective – To bring back the values of sustainability which were a part of life two generations back and uplifting the situation of old age homes; by connecting children and youth to the elderly.

Water Crusaders

Objective – To spread awareness about the problems about the river Yamuna in Delhi and also provide advocacy for installation of rooftop rain water harvesting systems.


Objective – Differently Abled Enabling the Environment