The Framework Agreement between
the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
and The Energy and Resources Insititute (TERI)

Low-carbon and Resource Efficient Growth

Power Demand Assessment
Work Package 1

To acquire a holistic idea about energy (electricity in particular) demand and its pattern and provide information to supply scenario for synchronization of overall energy demand and supply across the country. Apart from the analysis of past data on electricity demand, forecasting of demand at regional and national levels, for different groups of consumers, will be undertaken using insights from load research and other macro-economic parameters.

To Develop a Cost-Optimal and Reliable Electricity System (Integrating Demand and Supply) Configuration for the Short, Medium & Long-term Horizon
Work Package 2

To undertake an integrated energy demand and supply (including renewables) analysis using a modelling framework (TIMES), with a focus on the power sector. While there is more clarity in terms of what the broad elements and direction of India's energy development path would be in the decades to come, the specific level of energy requirements across various regions and consumer groups is not understood well in a dynamically changing economy.