Technologies for NDC and their SDG linkages (India)


This database of technologies has been developed as a part of the research project “Developing Country Participation in Addressing Climate Change: Policy Instruments for Achieving NDCs” under the partnership of ‘The Framework Agreement between The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)’.

The effectiveness of the Paris Agreement in achieving its goal rests in individual countries’ capabilities to transform their production and consumption patterns into low-carbon development pathways over a long horizon. Mere achievement of current NDCs will not be enough. The groundwork for low-carbon transition beyond current NDC timeframes has to begin now. A necessary component of groundwork for long-term national climate policy is to develop a detailed technology road map (TRM) compatible with the national developmental imperatives and the demands of progressive revision of NDCs. India has submitted an ambitious NDC to the UNFCCC. India’s NDC also underscores the need for capacity building; technology development, diffusion and transfer; and mobilization of domestic and new and additional funds from developed countries to achieve these goals. The mainstay of India’s NDC implementation is the transformation of the energy sector, as it accounts for over three-quarters of the country’s total emissions.

This database lists current and future technologies scoring high on climate change mitigation and SDGs. These technologies; along with their potential GHG mitigation impact, SDG linkages, barriers faced; have been identified through consultations with experts from the industry and think tanks, based on their experience and perceptions. For more details, please download and read the discussion paper “Towards a Technology Roadmap for achieving India’s NDC goals”.

The aim of this database is to provide information on relevant technologies for India in addressing climate change, so that more focused policies and approaches for low-carbon transition could be developed. Hence, this is a work in progress and inputs from experts/practitioners are welcome in order to refine and expand the database.

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