Emission inventory and modelling of air pollution in India

27 Dec 2017

TERI has been working on developing emission inventories of various air pollutants at both national and urban scales. The existing database of the inventory for the national scale is for the year 2011 at a res of 36/36 sq. km covering multiple sources and pollutants like PM, NOx, SO2, CO and NMVOCs. Moreover, there are uncertainties in the emission inventory of many sectors due to large uncertainty in the emission factor. Considering the dynamically changing energy scenario in India, as well as recent interventions taken for control of pollution, there is a need to update the emissions inventories for the present (2016).

Under this project TERI will endeavour to develop the emission factors for these sectors to reduce the uncertainty in the inventory. It has been proposed to collect activity data for the year 2016 for all contributing sectors in order to develop a latest multi-sectoral, multi-pollutant emission inventory for India. The emission inventory of pollutants like ammonia is essential for the estimation of secondary particulate formulation. However, such an inventory is still lacking in India.

In this collaborative project with ExXonMobil corporation TERI will develop a national level inventory for PM, NOx, SO2, CO, ammonia and NMVOC for the year 2016 and simulate the pollutant concentration using the chemical transport model.

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