Educational program Barapullah Drain - India

15 Dec 2021

A school education programme to augment and sustain an extremely critical natural resource 'water' has been designed. This program will have a three-pronged approach viz, enhance knowledge, build capacity and facilitate action to increase wastewater use to meet increasing water demand for health and sanitation. This program will use innovative educational approaches to help school students (of grade 6-8, i.e. 12-15 years) which are open to experimentation and exploration of new ideas. The programme will provide an overview of the prevailing water scenario (both regional and national level) so as to make it relevant for the students. Moreover, it will engage them to find possible measures to innovatively use waste-water and thus reduce the demand for clean water and encourage change in attitudes and behaviour to accept treated waste-water to put their city on a more sustainable development path, and thus build a cadre of sensitized and water sensitive new generation.