Endowment funds created through DMFs can protect projects against price fluctuations

19 Apr 2019 |
Ms Joyita Ghose
| The Financial Express

Endowment funds created through District Mineral Foundations (DMFs) can increase the period for which funds are available and protect projects against price fluctuations, says Ms Joyita Ghose, Associate Fellow, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division, TERI.

Getting clean air back

06 Apr 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| Business Standard

Air pollution can be brought down to near permissible levels within five years with the use of the right regulatory and policy instruments, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Water, sanitation and hygiene must be looked at holistically

21 Mar 2019 |
Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar
| The Hindu Business Line

India has to grapple with many challenges it its quest to provide safe drinking water and access to adequate sanitation to all by 2030, says Dr S K Sarkar, Senior Director, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Rights of forest dwellers: Recent SC verdict exacerbates injustice done

13 Mar 2019 |
Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma
| Financial Express

It is imperative to have a third-party non-government agency that can assess the claims that have been recognised and rejected, using geographic information system and remote sensing technology, says Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma, Director, Forestry & Biodiversity Division, TERI.

Minor Forest Produce will bring support to forest communities

24 Feb 2019 |
Dr Yogesh Gokhale
| EasteMojo

Minor Forest Produce can turn around the prospects of 10 crore MFP collectors and would also be able to generate employment opportunities nationwide, says Dr Yogesh Gokhale, Senior Fellow, Forestry & Biodiversity Division, TERI.

'Flexible' power system key to renewables push

22 Feb 2019 |
Dr Ajay Mathur
| The Hindu Business Line

To tap the potential of green energy, power plants need to balance their demand-supply equation better, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI

A strategy for creating more jobs

14 Feb 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Macro as well as sector-specific interventions by the state will help boost private investment in labour-intensive manufacturing, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Treading a Conservation Path - Community Reserves in Zunheboto, Nagaland

11 Feb 2019 |
Dr Pia Sethi
| Conservation India

In just a couple of years, the local communities of three villages, Sukhai, Ghukhuyi and Kivikhu in the heart of Nagaland have banded together to protect their river and forests from hunting and fishing, says Dr Pia Sethi, Senior Fellow, Forestry & Biodiversity Division, TERI.

Clean, green and viable: Tomorrow's electricity system

08 Feb 2019 |
Dr Ajay Mathur
| Energy World

We can make the best use of low-cost renewable electricity if we can simultaneously create a market, which enables price discovery, for capacity availability, says Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI.

Potential climate risks to Oil and Gas Infra and Operations

31 Jan 2019 |
Mr Saurabh Bhardwaj
Dr Manish Kumar Shrivastava
| Infraline Plus Magazine

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has once again emphasized on the risks we face by unmitigated climate change. Global instances of extreme climatic events show that long lasting, economic impact takes the form of damage to infrastructure, and suspension of fundamental infrastructural services. The primary techno-economic transformation required to abate climate change relates to fossil fuel-based energy infrastructure. Fossil-fuel based energy infrastructure, therefore, is vulnerable, with or without climate action.