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What is the GREEN Olympiad?

The GREEN Olympiad is India's first annual examination on environmental issues for school students. The examination is designed innovatively to test the knowledge of students and also educate and sensitize them in the process. One of its kind in India, the GREEN Olympiad asks questions on air and water pollution, environment-friendly initiatives and practices, land and water resources, forests, wildlife, oceans, socio-economic aspects of natural resources, global climate change, and the roles of society to improve our environment.

Who are not eligible to participate in the GREEN Olympiad?


Who all are eligible to appear for the Green Olympiad examination?

Students of class IV to X enrolled in a school affiliated to recognized educational board or trust are eligible to appear for the Green Olympiad.

I am from a Hindi medium school; can I appear in GREEN Olympiad?

As long as you are a student in class IV - X, you may participate in the GREEN Olympiad.

Is there a lower/upper limit to the number of nominations from a school?

A school can nominate as many students as it wishes. There is no upper limit to the number of nominations from a school. However, a minimum of 20 students per school is required for registration to the examination.

When is the examination held?

The examination is generally held on two dates, in August -October Please refer to the registration form for this year to know the dates of examination for this year.

What is the procedure for registration?

Schools can register for this examination through the registration form. You can write to us for the form/or download it from the GREEN Olympiad website. We do not accept individual registrations from students.

If I already have appeared in the GREEN Olympiad in the past, can I enroll again?

As long as you are a student in class VIII, IX and X you may participate in the GREEN Olympiad

I am not an Indian citizen nor do I reside in India, am I eligible for GREEN Olympiad?

Yes, you are eligible for the GREEN Olympiad, as it is open to foreign national as well.

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