What is the GREEN Olympiad?

The GREEN Olympiad is India's first annual examination on environmental issues for school students. The examination is designed innovatively to test the knowledge of students and also educate and sensitize them in the process. One of its kind in India, the GREEN Olympiad asks questions on air and water pollution, environment-friendly initiatives and practices, land and water resources, forests, wildlife, oceans, socio-economic aspects of natural resources, global climate change, the roles of society to improve our environment. In 2021, green skills will also be included as a theme along with environment and sustainable development issues.

In 2021, is the examination conducted online?

Yes the examination is conducted online

How can we make the payments?

Once you fill the registration form, the page will take you to payments gateway page. You will be able to make the payments through net-banking / debit or credit card. Schools can also make payment through NEFT/Bank transfer. However, the required information should also be furnished as per the guidelines given on the platform.

Who are not eligible to participate in the GREEN Olympiad?

Private coaching institute and similar entities are not allowed to participate

Who all are eligible to appear for the GREEN Olympiad examination?

Students of class IV to XII enrolled in a school affiliated to recognized educational board or trust are eligible to appear for the GREEN Olympiad. We are accepting individual and school registrations through our website - www.teriin.org/olympiad.

I am from a Hindi medium school; can I appear in GREEN Olympiad?

You are free to apply for GREEN Olympiad, though the registration as well as the paper are in English.

When is the examination held?

Date(s) of Examination

Environment and Sustainable Development 10th to 15th November 2021
Green skills + Environment and Sustainable Development 6th to 11th December 2021
For more information log on to - https://www.teriin.org/olympiad/registration/

What is the procedure for registration?

Schools can register for this examination through the online registration form which is available on the website homepage. There are 2 different forms each for school registrations and individual registrations. Please refer the link - https://www.teriin.org/olympiad/registration/ for more information

If I have already appeared in the GREEN Olympiad in the past, can I register again?

As long as you are a student in class IV-XII you may participate in the GREEN Olympiad

I am not an Indian citizen nor do I reside in India, am I eligible for GREEN Olympiad?

Yes, you are eligible for the GREEN Olympiad, as it is open to foreign nationals as well.

Can we copy and paste details on the registration platform?

Individuals/Schools are requested NOT to copy and paste any e-mail IDs of participants on the registration platform. If you type the e-mail IDs, your errors will be notified, and can be corrected then and there. If you copy and paste the e-mail IDs, errors will not be reflected on the platform; you cannot change it at any stage, and you may not be able to submit the application successfully. Once you fill the e-mail IDs and click on the submit button, you cannot identify the error IDs and you will get an error message “Please enter Valid (functional) and Unique (should not repeat) applicant email ID”.

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