TERI's Management Development Programmes (MDPs) are designed and developed within the broad ambit of sustainability, environment and energy conservation which enable the managers, decision-makers, and other policy specialists with updated knowledge and skills required to measure, manage and mitigate sustainability impacts in the respective areas of operation. TERI and TERI University has the expertise and strength in offering MDPs in the following areas: Energy, Earth Sciences and Climate Change, Water Resources and Waste Management, Sustainable Habitat, Urbanization and Transport, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Sustainability, Agriculture and Forestry and Biotechnology and Bio resources.

Why MDPs

  • An enriching learning experience from the pioneer research institute in the area of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • TERI MDPs aim to supplement technical and managerial skills by providing updated knowledge in areas of environment and sustainable development through conceptual knowledge and experiential learning.
  • Participants will be equipped with skills and knowledge to better appreciate/understand sustainability-related issues, leading to better business decisions. It will also help them keep abreast of contemporary issues affecting different business activities and environmental challenges.
  • The MDPs will also help the executives question the basics and reinforce their strategies in the right direction.
  • These programmes will provide an opportunity to share the experiences of executives of different industries and regions. This would help the executives to broaden their understandings across different situations.
  • Upcoming Programmes

    Training programme on Battery Energy Storage Systems | 13-14 December 2018

    The overall objective of the proposed training programme is to provide training, subject (BESS: Battery energy storage systems) specific knowledge to utility officials, developers, researchers and bankers to acquire comprehensive overview of grid connected battery energy storage system’s role in providing flexibility to solve intermittency issues in the grid. This will help in understanding of the latest technologies in BESS, market conditions, costs & benefits associated to BESS and designing and sizing of BESS.

    Venue: TERI Southern Regional Centre, 4th Main, 2nd Cross, Domlur II Stage, Bangalore - 560 071, Karnataka

    Programme Director: Mr. Abhinav Jain, Associate Fellow & Area Convenor, Electricity & Fuels Division, TERI

  • Graduate Engineers/New Entrepreneurs.
  • Channel partners/Project Developers and System Integrators.
  • Business development managers.
  • R&D sales and Marketing professionals.

  • Landscape of EV’s policies and initiatives in India (National and state level)
  • Current market for electric vehicles and charging services.
  • Existing business models of EVs, investments, emerging markets, trends, and insights of projects on e-mobility.
  • Grid-Integration aspects of Electric Vehicles (Power Quality impacts due to EVs charging) & Concept of Vehicle to Grid
  • Assessment of Demand based incentives and strategies to understand technical and regulatory factors impacting (private and public) EV charging.
  • This programme will also enable participants to understand the financial benefits of commercial and private electric vehicles
  • Non-Residential: INR 15,000 + GST@18%
  • *10% Discount for TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI-CBS) member organisations.
    * If you are a TERI-CBS member, kindly write to us with your membership details prior to getting registered online.
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  • Graduate Engineers/New Entrepreneurs.
  • Channel partners/Project Developers and System Integrators.
  • Utility officials and Researchers.
  • Sizing of BESS.
  • Decoding tender requirements of Battery energy storage systems.
  • Techno-commercial assessment of Battery energy storage technologies.
  • Technology and application mapping of BESS.
  • Non-Residential: INR 15,000 + GST@18%
  • *10% Discount for TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI-CBS) member organisations.
    * If you are a TERI-CBS member, kindly write to us with your membership details prior to getting registered online.
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  • Offline Mode: Download and share the duly filled in Offline Registration form along with the details of the DD/NEFT/RTGS details of the payment. Click here to download the registration form.

  • Managers and above involved in production/quality/environment and consultants working or looking to gain knowledge in this domain.

  • Understand the concepts and business case of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) and Circular Economy
  • Carry out preliminary assessment of your organisation to identify RECP options
  • Plan for RECP implementation (including internal and external experts)
  • Plan for greening supply chain
  • Plan for internal/external recycling
  • Non-Residential: INR 20,000 + Service tax@15% per participant
  • Residential: INR 28,000 + Service tax@15% per participant
  • 10% Discount for TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI-CBS) member organisations.
    * If you are a TERI-CBS member, kindly write to us with your membership details prior to getting registered online.
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  • Offline Mode: Download and share the duly filled in Offline Registration form along with the details of the DD/NEFT/RTGS details of the payment. Click here to download the registration form.

Past MDPs

Certificate Programme on Grid-connected Solar Rooftop PV System : Design, Development
and Simulation 26-27 October 2017 | Hotel Royal Orchid Central Grazia, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

The objective of the programme was to provide subject specific knowledge addition to new entrepreneurs, channel partners and renewable energy engineers to take up assessment, yield estimation and system design for grid connected solar rooftop plants and also perform basic financial calculations for determining cost of energy from them. Through interactive discussions, hands on practical exercises and site visit, the programme helped the participants understand the concept of Grid connected Solar Rooftop PV technology pertaining to system components, sizing, designing and simulation using software tools, monitoring and evaluation, business models and best practices.

Leading energy companies, project developers and system integrators such as CIDCO, Suzlon, Reliance Industries, ONGC, M.P. Power Transmission Company , CLP India and others participated in the programme.

The programme was also conducted at other venues as per details below:

  • - 14-15 September 2017 | Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • - 4-5 May 2017 | TERI SRC, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • - 9-10 February 2017 | National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, Telangana

List of other related past MDPs conducted by TERI :

  • Financing Renewable Energy Projects | 9 December 2016 | TERI University, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Financing Renewable Energy Projects | 9 December 2016 | TERI University, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Solar Rooftop PV System: Design and Installation | 1-2 September 2016 | TERI University, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Smart Electric Grid for 24x7 Power: Development and Deployment | 23-25 July 2015 | Bengaluru
Alternate Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency 8-9 August 2016 | TERI University

The objective of the programme was to enable the participants to understand & gain in-depth knowledge on different aspects of renewable energy technologies, their policy, financing & sustainability indicators essential for successful implementation of renewable energy programs & projects . Through case studies and interactive discussions, it equipped the participants with current practices and challenges faced by renewable energy and energy efficiency market in India and propose the possible solutions. Leading companies such as Vodafone, Tata Steel, Greenko , Sona Koyo Steerings, Reserve Bank of India and others participated in the programme.

Reporting Sustainability in Business 7-8 July 2016 | TERI, RETREAT, Gurgaon, Haryana

The objective of the programme was to familiarize the target participants with the entire rationale and process behind sustainability reporting exercise. Through case studies, practical exercises and interactive discussions, it equipped the participants with the sustainability standards, reporting formats, stakeholder engagement, indicator development, and the practices of Indian firms. Leading companies such as Thermax, Tata Steel, Genpact, Sterlite Technologies, Telenor and others participated.

Resource Efficiency and Environment Protection for Enterprises11-12 May 2016 | TERI, RETREAT, Gurgaon, Haryana

The objective of the programme was to introduce Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) into company management, and to highlight the approach, principles, and benefits to be obtained with the help of theory and examples. The programme was designed with a blend of theory, real case studies, and practical exercises along with the actual demonstration of RECP practices in the industry. Leading manufacturing companies such as Dalmia Cements, Indus Towers, Mehsana Group (Amul), GSK Pharma participated.

Strategizing towards Sustainability26-28 November 2015 | TERI, IHC, New Delhi

This two and a half day programme provided an overview of the concept of sustainable development, improve the understanding of the participants with respect to global and local sustainable development challenges and present various policies of India towards addressing sustainable development as well as the critical challenges experienced in their implementation. A strategic multidimensional framework for addressing practical sustainability challenges developed based on TERI's extensive work on various aspects of sustainable development equipped the participants in developing and implementing win-win strategies for all stakeholders while addressing sustainability. The programme consisted of lectures, case studies, group exercises and a site visit to enable the participants a deep and thorough understanding of the sustainability concepts. Participants were drawn from Tata Steel, Ericsson India, IFFCO, Aircel, etc.

Request an MDP

TERI and TERI University offers several training options for government bodies, PSUs and Corporates. TERI Management Development Programmes use a variety of learning techniques combined with practical exposure to demonstrate what makes it unique in the capacity building in the areas of sustainability, environment and energy conservation. TERI MDPs are flexible and can be designed to meet your specific needs. Fill in this form to sign up for an MDP or request a consultation.


  • Dr Rajiv Seth Pro Vice Chancellor, TERI University

    Dr Rajiv Seth is an Aerospace Engineer by training. Having spent 27 years in the Indian Air Force, he has worked on various types of aero engines and has been involved in technical evaluation, field testing and technology transfer. He has been with the TERI University for the last thirteen years and, as the Registrar of the University, has been instrumental in the establishment of the University and the post-graduate programmes it offers. He has been actively involved in the curriculum development of the various courses. He is responsible for the overall administration of the University. As a faculty member in the Department of Business Sustainability, he teaches courses in Finance to students of the MBA programs. His current research interests are in the areas of financing of renewable energy projects, risk management, and use of weather derivatives as a hedging tool for weather related risks.

  • Dr Malini Balakrishnan Senior Fellow, Resource Efficient Process Tech Appl., Energy Environment Tech. Development Division, TERI

    Dr Balakrishnan's major interests are development and dissemination of environmentally sound technologies, with emphasis on membrane development and applications. She has directed various externally funded projects involving international consortia, as well as projects with industrial applications and is also active in developing and effecting technology transfer of membrane processes and products to industry. Dr Balakrishnan's research has evolved around (a) Microfiltration /ultrafiltration / pervaporation process development (b) new membrane materials (c) value-added utilization of wastes. Primarily, the work is targeted at providing solutions to specific problems with strong local relevance (e.g. advanced wastewater treatment) and is associated with addressing the concerns of major Indian industries (e.g. sugar factories for improved clarification in sugar production process, new applications of waste bagasse fly ash). The work on preparation and application of ceramic membranes from waste biomass fly ash is an example of making membranes more affordable for various solid-liquid and solid-gas separations. The research activities are primarily directed at users needs with doctoral and masters students concurrently contributing to advancing the state-of-the-art in these fields. She has over 90 publications in journals and conferences to her credit and four patents under processing.

  • Dr Vidya S Batra Senior Fellow, Resource Efficient Process Tech Appl., Energy Environment Tech. Development Division, TERI

    Dr Batra's broad area of interest is clean technologies with specific research in the area of processing and characterization of materials such as intermetallics, ceramic composites, functionally gradient materials and porous materials. Her current research is on porous and powder materials for energy and environmental applications. This includes activated carbon from unburned carbon in fly ash, nano carbons from catalytic hydrocarbon cracking, waste based catalysts for oxidation and cracking reactions, inorganic membranes, glass-ceramics from fly ash. Several of these research efforts have been collaborative in nature with various European institutions. Dr Batra also has expertise in self propagating high temperature synthesis and was involved in development and scaling up of metallic and ceramic porous sheets for applications such as fuel cell catalytic electrodes for molten carbonate fuel cells. She has over 50 contributions in journals and conferences, one US patent and four more under processing.

  • Mr Shirish Garud Director, Energy-Environment Technology Development Division, TERI

    Having more than two decades of experience in renewable energy sector, he is a well-known specialist in renewable energy technologies, energy planning and renewable energy policy studies. He is a mechanical engineer with M.Tech. (Energy Systems Engineering) from IIT Bombay.

    He has rich experience in solar and wind resource assessment, technology development, deployment, policy and regulatory aspects of renewables.

    Some of his major assignments include, development of vacuum tube collectors, development of solar parabolic trough collectors, designing of solar power plants, and preparation of Integrated Energy Master Plan for Bhutan. He has also worked on solar PV technologies, power projects development and island electrification projects using solar PV technology.

    He has published research papers, and articles in leading publications. He was part of the team which developed curriculum for long distance course on Renewable Energy Technologies for TERI University jointly with Open University of UK.

  • Mr Girish SethiSenior Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, TERI

    Mr Sethi leads and manages the programme on promoting efficiency in the industrial sector, encompassing both large industries and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at TERI. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of energy conservation and environment improvement in the industrial sector and has been with TERI for the past 22 years. Aside of providing strategic direction and coordinating the activities related to industrial energy efficiency, he has lead multi-disciplinary research teams in action research projects involving development/adaptation of energy efficient and environmentally benign technologies. He is presently managing two large programs funded by international organizations that focus on holistic development of a few energy intensive small-scale industry sectors in India. He is also involved in matters related to inventorisation of corporate level GHG emissions and aspects related to transfer and promotion of low carbon energy technologies in the context of climate change.

    Mr Sethi is a Chemical Engineer with Masters in Energy Studies from IIT, New Delhi. He has also completed a multi-disciplinary Masters course on "Technology in the Tropics" from University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany.

  • Mr Reji Kumar PillaiPresident, India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)

    Mr Pillai is an internationally renowned expert in the energy sector with over three decades of experience in the electricity industry in diverse functions across the entire value chain and across continents. He is spearheading a mission to leverage technology to transform the electric grid in India and light every home at affordable cost through sustainable developmental models. He played the pivotal role in formulation of the Smart Grid Vision & Roadmap for India that was adopted by the Government of India in 2013. He is currently working with all stakeholders to launch a National smart Grid Mission for speedy execution of the goals envisaged in the smart grid roadmap; and formulation of a comprehensive Ten Year R&D Plan for power sector in India. His current areas of research include: leveraging smart grid assets as anchor infrastructure for building smarter cities at marginal cost, development of business models for smart grid projects on benefit sharing model; smart microgrids that can participate in demand response market; and appropriate electric vehicle infrastructure solutions for India.

  • Shri. Vijay SonavaneAdvisor to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC)

    Sh. Sonavane is BE / ME (ELECTRICAL) from Pune University. In 2009, he was appointed by Govt. of Maharashtra as Member (Technical) in MERC for a period of Five years. He is the Member of the Committee set up by Govt. of India for preparing Regulations for Smart Grids. He is the Mentor for MAHA-Smart Grid Coordination Committee, set up by MERC for development of Smart Grid projects in Maharashtra.

    During his previous assignments, he was associated with Power System Planning, PLC Communication, Load Dispatching, Hardware/ Application Software maintenance for Energy Control Centre, Distribution Systems Improvement, Energy Auditing System, 400KV planning, HVDC erection & Commissioning, Tariff petition formation, Internal Reform, Corporate Planning, System Operation, Distribution Project monitoring. He worked as Dy EE, EE, SE, CE, ED(CP) & finally promoted as Director (Projects) from March to August 2009.

  • Mr Sunil DhingraSenior Fellow, Energy Environment Technology Development Division, TERI

    Mr Sunil Dhingra has total of around 24 years' experience in the field of clean biomass energy solutions both distributed generation, decentralized energy including rural electrification. He is members of various committees/task force of Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. His research interests are in the areas of biomass utilization, waste-to-energy technology development and dissemination and experience ranges from technology development, dissemination, financing, commercialization and policy, through project design and implementation, to the design and development of clean energy biomass energy technologies in target sectors. He hold Master of Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in field of Mechanical engineering. He has received The Energy Globe Award twice in the year 2001 for the Project titled "Introduction of Gasifier Technology in Silk Industry and in 2002 for the Project “Improving Profitability and Sustainability of Indian Crumb Rubber Industry by introducing Gasification Technology".

  • Mr Alekhya DattaAssociate Fellow, Energy Environment Technology Development Division, TERI

    Mr Alekhya Datta has received B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata and Post-Graduate Master's in Geo-Informatics from Symbiosis International University, Pune, India. In 2010, he joined Solar Energy Centre, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Government of India) as a Project Fellow and was one of the key member for India’ Solar Resources Assessment project in collaboration with National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA under Indo-US Energy Dialogue. Before joining TERI, he has also been associated with WTI Advanced Technology Limited (A 100\\% Subsidiary of TATA Consultancy Services Limited) as an Assistant Systems Engineer in GIS domain and carried out several GIS based projects for Qwest Telecom, USA as well as R-APDRP which is a GIS based Electrical Assets Mapping project, an initiative taken by Ministry of Power (Government of India). His research area includes GIS and Remote Sensing, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generations, Load Research, Smart Controllers, Smart Grid including Micro/Mini-Grids, and Smart Grid Capacity Building Programmes and Workshops.


  • "Well organized MDP, wish TERI all the best for various skill development & capacity building initiatives."

    Mr Vinay Gupta - Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited
  • "Overall a good programme on Smart Grid. Speakers were very well experienced and the site visit was excellent"

    Mr Ravi Kumar Sunkari - ABB India
  • "Very well designed MDP with learning from different Smart Grid projects undertaken by TERI."

    Mr Ajay Singh - Larsen & Toubro
  • "Overall a good programme on sustainability which is the need of today for long term business success."

    Mr Sunil Singh - Tata Teleservices
  • "Overall a great programme on Sustainability.It can also cover rural sustainability from the various aspects of waste and water management."

    Ms Srijita Dutta - Yes Bank


The Executive Education Programmes at TERI are known as MDPs (Management Development Programmes) are designed with the objective of providing practicing managers, practitioners and policy specialists an insight into sustainability, environment and energy conservation which acquaint them with updated knowledge and skills required to measure, manage and mitigate sustainability impacts in the respective areas of operation.

There are three ways to apply : online, through e-mail and by post / courier.

  • Apply Online

    Select the programme you are interested in. Click on "Click here to register online" at Register now button to apply online.

  • By E-mail

    Download brochure and Registration Form from link and send filled up form along with payment details by e-mail to

  • By post/courier addressed to :

    Mr Varun Sethi | The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)|Darbari Seth Block, IHC Complex, Lodhi Road |New Delhi 110003, INDIA | Tel. (+91 11) 2468 2100. The payment needs to made in favor of "The Energy and Resources Institute" in the form of Demand Draft payable at New Delhi. Kindly dispatch the duly filled registration form with the demand draft at the address mentioned

    The payment against the program fee can also be made through the online mode (NEFT/RTGS transfer); the bank details are mentioned below:

    Name of the A/c Holder - The Energy and Resources Institute

    Account Number - 52142907894
    Name of the Bank - State Bank of India
    Branch - SCOPE Complex, New Delhi - 3
    NEFT IFSC Code - SBIN0020511
    RTGS IFSC Code - SBIN0020511
    9 Digit MICR Code - 110002658

    Please ensure that the code "MDP" is mentioned as reference to the payment made through online mode.

  • The brochures of all MDPs are available online. Please note that brochures are usually available two months before start of programme.

    The brochure of each programme provides information about the likely profile of the participant and for whom the programme is designed. The applications received are reviewed to select the participant mix with the objective to maximize the benefits of the programme to the entire group of participants.

    TERI MDPs are generally conducted at its residential training facility, TERI RETREAT located in Gurgaon, Haryana and some of the programmes are held off campus also.

    The programme generally starts with the reporting and registration process at 09:00 A.M on the first day and 9:30 A.M. rest of the days till 06:00 P.M in the evenings.

    If you are unable to attend the programme for some reason, as per our norms the fees will not be refunded, however change in nomination is accepted or else the amount can be credited in favour of your organisation for utilisation against fees for any future MDP during the same financial year.

    Past Participating Organisations


    The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
    Darbari Seth Block, IHC Complex, Lodhi Road,
    New Delhi 110003, INDIA
    Phone: (+91 11) 2468 2100
    Fax (+91 11) 2468 2144 and 2468 2145
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